Thursday, March 13, 2008

Book Blog 8, Birthdays, and Blog appearances

Today's a bit of a mishmash of things, and I'm busier than a one-armed paper hanger, so I'll run through it quickly!

Happy Birthday to my eldest, who is moving into the double digits today. We are celebrating tomorrow afternoon as there is no school. She is taking a friend to a movie and Mc Donalds. Cake and prezzies will follow.

Thanks to Jennie for being on the blog yesterday! Jennie is also up on the Harlequin Romance Author blog for our Spotlight In Six this month...and another copy of To Love and To Cherish is up for grabs. Pop on over to read her mini-interview, and enter to win.

I'm guest blogging with a very special friend this week....Liz Fielding, who is celebrating her FIFTIETH Romance this year! There's a copy of The Soldier's Homecoming for one lucky commenter.

I certainly feel like I've made the rounds this week - the PHS on Monday, Tote Bags on Tues, Jenny on Wednesday, Liz on word! I think I'll take Friday off!

And I realized I'd posted a review on Eharlequin last week but not here, so here is my Book Blog #8....The Firefighter's Chosen Bride by Trish Wylie:

I got a chance to read this book at an early stage and all the magic was still there when I read it this time. This is one of my favourite books by Trish EVER. I love Shane. I love Finn. I love that Finn isn't a five foot six waif.

This book was first released as a Modern Heat as the UK, so it isn't your standard Presents hero and heroine. And I think the reason why I love it so much is that it gives the sensuality of a Presents with the every day, realistic deep emotion of a Romance.

The conflicts are deep, real, and when Finn tells Shane all of it, I admit I was blinking rather furiously. And the ending is LOVELY. And a tad bit unpredictable, in the best sort of way.

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