Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A big Canadian welcome to Jennie Adams!

There's a bit of a standing joke between Jennie and me. One of us will get our release date, and then we'll wait and see if we're out together. So far we are four for four....we both have August books out as well. So we figured it was high time we did something together when our books released.

Then, a mailing glitch meant that I received her hardbacks, and she received mine. And we had this idea to guest blog and give away copies of hardbacks!

I've read Jennie's (as soon as the hardbacks came, I claimed one for myself) and it's a lovely story. But I'll let her tell you about it herself....welcome to my blog, Jennie!


It's a pleasure to be celebrating a book release with Donna. We've
enjoyed our run as 'shelf buddies' and decided it was time to bring you all in on the fun.

I had the chance to read Donna's 'The Soldier's Homecoming' when our hardback copies crossed over in the mail, and I loved it. And thought how different it was. Which reminded me anew of the depth of variety there is to be found in the Harlequin 'Romance' line. Donna and I have written two very different 'wounded hero' stories and we hope you enjoy them both!

Donna asked me to share a little about me. I'm an Australian born and bred. That means I get to say 'G'day' with impunity. So -- 'G'day from Australia! If you've heard rumours that kangaroos hop down the streets in Sydney - they're not true. Canberra, however, does have a genuine kangaroo population because the city was built to encase a lot of natural bush area. I live in a small inland city that combines the best of rural and cosmopolitan living, and I've been writing for Harlequin since 2005.

To Love and To Cherish is my sixth Harlequin Romance release, and the first story I've written to date in which the hero simply sat up and told me I needed to write his story. It's one that is special to my heart. Now about that goat......

Yes, there is a recalcitrant goat in this book. Her name is Amalthea and
she is a goddess. Just ask her. Better still, I'll let her introduce herself. Here she is in Tiffany's viewpoint:

'She's over there, watching us from behind that clump of bushes.' Tiffany pointed to Amalthea's hiding place. 'See that beady eye and the bit of white? That's her.'

So yes, this is Amalthea the hell raising goat. She has her own small role in the story. She would tell you it's pivotal to the entire plot. . . Sometimes a story just demands a special pet, and for Tiffany, it had to be Amalthea. And sometimes a story demands laughter and tears. I indulged a few of each as I wrote Tiffany and Jack's story. I hope if you read it, you'll enjoy Jack and Tiffany's journey as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Please drop an email to me or to Donna and enter our joint contest to win copies of our books and some other goodies!

Best wishes from Oz,


Thanks for being here Jennie! (Pay attention all - rumour has it there's chocolate up for grabs, this time of the Aussie variety!)

Now....pop over to Jennie's Blog where yours truly is the guest today, and then send us an e-mail at or to enter to win!


  1. Howdy Jennie from Sask., Canada. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous5:57 a.m.

    G'day back to you from Australia, Robyn. Thanks for saying hi.


  3. Jennie, your goat sounds great fun. I need to go shopping and treat muself to yours and Donna's new ones...

  4. Anonymous5:40 p.m.

    **Waves to Kate. Hope you enjoy the books, and yes, Amalthea was fun. I still think fondly of her...