Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We Interrupt this WIP writing....

To bring you fab news. Congratulations to KATE HARDY who won the RNA Romance Prize - the Betty Neels Rose Bowl - for her book BREAKFAST AT GIOVANNI'S.

There are a number of eyewitness accounts to the event. Two with FAB pictures are on Kate's own blog, and on Liz Fielding's.

CONGRATS Kate! So happy for you.

And, I wonder if I should have started keeping count the first time I gave a reason why I love my CP. I will pick a random one now and it's probably a lowball figure...but Why I Love My CP #100 001.

She more than critiques my work. We talk about the industry a lot, or where we want our careers to go, or just random things about writing. It doesn't matter what it is, I always feel better and like I'm going in the right direction after talking to her. Today's topic has been single title markets. I am doing some RITA reading and the one I just finished was amazing...so amazing I've actually added this author's series to my amazon wish list. And we got to talking about reading in the genre etc. and well...it just made me feel good. I got a little silly about LaVyrle Spencer. She is, and probably always will be, my favourite author. Her stories touch me, very deeply. They are human and emotional and very real. I know I re-read Then Came Heaven at the end of last year and when I shut it, I said I wanted to write one book that good before I die.

It comes down to this: reading great books makes me want to write great books.

Now, back to the WIP for me. Oh and Mills and Boon has a fan club on Facebook now. Go sign up! I did.


  1. I love LaVyrle Spencer's books, too. You never forget her characters - they are so well developed and wonderful that they stay in your memory.