Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Show and Tell, Blizzards and Valentines

Michelle Styles has a great blog today about Showing and Telling. I commented but I want to say here and now that her constant nagging, getting me to use physical and emotional beats and active instead of passive language improved my writing SO much. (She has moved on from that to nagging me about motivation, so I'm glad I have enough flaws to occupy her time.)

We had a bit of a freak blizzard last night and my husband, bless him, shoveled the walks before he left for work. I'm still babying my wrist and we got enough snow that he said I couldn't have just pushed it off to the side. The world is white but blessedly not too cold. Which means at lunch today we WILL be going outside and we WILL come in very wet and everything will smell like wet wool. Eeeeew.

The kids also have a few days off for Teacher's Convention, so all Valentine's Day celebrations are today. I baked 70 small shortbread hearts last night. The girls made all their valentines on the weekend. This morning we went to the garage to go to school and I dropped the tin containing the cookies for my youngest. Wailing and crying commenced. Cooler heads prevailed. Only the top layer popped out of the tin - the rest were unscathed. She was only short one cookie - thank goodness I'd made lots extra. We divvied up the extras from my eldest's container and everyone has enough + a few just in case.
They asked what would have happened if they'd all been lost.

I said I'd end up baking again this morning. LOL.

And I got my Valentine's present last night....dh was going to hold on to it but we've had a rather rough week and he thought I could use a pick me up. THis isn't it exactly, mine only has four stones across and then some gold shaping, but this is close:

For now, pop over to Cata and read my smooch for THE SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING.


  1. Donna, what a LOVELY Valentine.

    Hope your week pics up. Big hugs.

  2. What a lovely man, Donna. He deserves you :) and like Kate, Ihope you week improves.