Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Out and About...

I'm over at the Pink Heart Society today talking about OCR software for Writer's Wednesday. This is the tool I used to help make deadline when I ended up with a broken wrist. It really is very cool.

Also, a huge piracy issue has come to light with a website and torrents. Thankfully neither of my books are on there - yet. But several are. I was reminded of Isabel Swift's blog recently about the subject of copyright. Hopefully this site will be shut down soon. You know I don't feel the same about lending books or sharing books. My theory is, if I really like one, and I pass it on, chances are I'm going to BUY more books by that author, and by introducing their work to someone else, that person may buy them too. It's a whole other animal than file sharing.

And tomorrow the old blog will likely be silent as I'm on a school field trip. Sometimes I think, should I take a day away from writing but inevitably I always learn something and everything I learn contributes to what I write. I've been waiting for this particular field trip for a long time - to the Philharmonic. It should be wonderful.

Til then....

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