Friday, February 15, 2008

Everyone needs a little trouble

Trouble can make or break a relationship.

I've seen lots of couples be in love and blissfully happy until there's a kink in the works and then everything falls spectacularly apart.

But then there's the steady relationships. The ones where everyone is comfortable, and perhaps even a little bored. Where little faults take on more importance than they should. And maybe you take each other a little too much for granted.

No one wants bad things to happen, but sometimes trouble can have a silver lining.

We've had some troubles lately. But one good thing that's come of it is a very real appreciation for the man I married, and WHY I married him. After nearly 17 years together, sometimes you forget. And then something happens that pulls you together and it all becomes very clear.

I got a lovely ring for Valentine's Day, but more than that I realized I've got a guy that will do anything to look after me and his children. Who is a good person. Who stands beside me and worries about me when I'm worried and is happy for me when I'm happy.

Sometimes it takes a little bit of trouble to remember it, that's all.


  1. OK I want one of those!!!!

    What a lovely lovely lovely post!!!

  2. Anonymous2:32 a.m.

    Donna, congrats on 17 years. Your dh sounds wonderful.



  3. The right guy, even during the so-so times, always comes through.
    So glad that you've got one of the good ones... like mine, they seem to be rare, but oh so worth it!