Friday, February 01, 2008

Contest Winners, New Releases and February's Contest!

Drum roll please....the winner of the January contest (The Soldier's Homecoming, Commemorative postcard and 2008 Magnetic Calendar) is............................................


Cole I'm sending you an e-mail so I can get your mailing address! Congrats!

So, speaking of THE SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING, one of the things I love about eharlequin is that they release the books a month early. That means that TSH is up on the site today, available for order! Wheeee! If you want to run over and have a gander (and add it to your shopping cart) just click HERE!

And of course, February also means Valentine's Day and this month's contest is in keeping with that.

To enter to win the next M&B cover postcard, bookmarks and some of my favourite chocolate in the whole world, send me an e-mail at and tell me what YOUR favourite kind of chocolate is!

In addition...if you are in the UK, put UK COUPON in your subject line and I'll also do a draw for an M&B coupon PACK which includes coupons for all the Mills and Boon lines!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well - that should do for today! Have a good weekend everyone!

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