Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Bride at Willow Bend

Sometimes you have to write what calls to you, and I may or may not work on two mss at a time. For the moment I have the luxury of choosing what I want to write, and so I pulled out the chapter of A Bride at Willow Bend that I started last fall and had to abandon. I was only five pages in.

I was instantly reminded of why I was compelled to write this story in the first place, and over the last 24 hours have managed about 4k on it. Not only that I've ended in the middle of a scene (I LOVE doing that) and now need to write the rest of it. There is lots of background and animosity and attraction between these two and it is working. Thankfully my cp is a genius and found lots of places lacking in that first chapter, but today I went through it and it is MUCH stronger.

Personally, I love stories where the hero and heroine know each other and have some sort of history. It all feels very real and rich to me with conflicts that seem to have a special depth. I did it in Marriage at Circle M and in The Soldier's Homecoming. One of those seemed to trip off my fingers (though there were trying moments) and the other was agony start to finish, but oh-so-worth it in my opinion.
So here we are at Willow Bend, a winery in the Shuswap part of British Columbia, with oddly enough, two Italian characters, Dante and Gina. And Gina's two rather small children.

Of course, perhaps I am inspired by the fact that my hero in this case is in my mind modeled a little on this lovely gentleman:

Yes, ladies, take a moment and enjoy.

And then I have the heroine, who has had her life change utterly, but is still a bit of a firecracker, or at least I hope she is:

This is Gina. A bit of a fashionista, with a Gucci bag full of regrets and a new commitment to her children.

It also lets me use the pictures from last summer, when we were at a winery in the area where I've set the book.

Unfortunately now I have to make a phone call and then go to the day job, but I'm having fun nonetheless.

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