Monday, February 18, 2008

Book Blog 5 and 6

I forgot to blog number five, so I'm doing it now, along with the book I finished on the weekend.

Read number five was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Last year I started reading all of the HP book to my girls at night.

I really like the HP series. At times some of the writing is onerous...the term "cut for pacing" goes through my mind a lot...but I can't ignore how compelling the books are.

Maybe it's the romantic in me but I'd heard criticism of all the teenage angst and feelings in the later books, and yes, at times it did take away from the focus of the plot, HOWEVER I quite enjoyed it. The kids are getting older. To avoid the whole subject of crushes and the like would be wrong. Remember when you were 16? What did you think about most of the time? Hermione's feelings for Ron, Harry's for Ginny, even the way Luna looks after Neville was all compelling to me.

And the ending was superb. And so here's the thing I've found with just about ALL the books...I enjoy the story, coast through chapter after chapter, but then the last 6 or 7 chapters the action suddenly gets racheted up. I sometimes wish the whole book was paced that way.

Book Six is Her One and Only Valentine By Trish Wylie.

Of all the February Romance books, this was the one I promised myself I would buy. The cover alone should see it flying off the shelves...see Trish's post with the cover artist on the Pink Heart Society Blog for Valentine's Day...

It's a lovely Valentine's Day story with a spunky heroine, a loveable hero and a cute as a button daughter.

Fave scene: rolling in the I always pick a favourite detail from Trish's book and this time it was when the heroine ran her fingers through his hair the first time....I could actually SEE it in my mind, and feel it in my fingers. :-)

I'm still getting through the end of my RITA reading and have found some real gems. Once all the RWA Nationals hubbub is over, I plan on posting reviews of some of those books as well. I had a look at my tbr last night. I really do have some varied reading to look forward to this year.

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