Wednesday, January 09, 2008

This and That (otherwise known as bits and bobs)

Just a few reminders today....

Send e-mail to to enter my January contest. Seriously. Send it now.

Eharlequin's community has a new look and I love it! It's very cool and fun to navigate once you get a handle on it. I especially like how you can participate in the book challenge as there is a running counter. And you can save your favourite threads. Very cool. Each member has their own blog...well just go over and see for yourself.

And Harlequin has launched a site for Valentine's Day! Go to for on-line reads, fun and games, a fun valentine to send to friends and family, access to the annual Romance Report and more. I've been and it's quite neat actually!

I'm off for today, I have a chapter back from my CP to tidy up, and she's sending me her own chapters, and then I'm off to the hospital for xrays and in all likelihood a brand new cast. My daughters are debating which colour I'll have. LOL.

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  1. Thanks Donna for the information. I just visited the HQ site - looks terrific!