Saturday, January 12, 2008

A nomination!

Ah, January. That time when sites and groups give out awards and you spend each day wondering if perhaps you really sucked THAT MUCH that you won't be nominated for anything. LOL. And you say to yourself that it's okay because look at how many terrific books you read last year, not to mention the ones you didn't read.

So when a sliver of information comes your way that somebody liked your stuff, it's my feeling that you should instantly celebrate it as it may never come your way again.

All About Romance has their interim results up for their Reader Awards and some kind heart nominated me for Best Debut Author! (whoever you are, the cheque's in the mail)

The fabulous Natasha Oakley also got a nomination for Best Category Romance for Crowned: An Ordinary Girl, and Vivi Anna's fab couple from Dark Lies (yes, the book I just finished yesterday!) was nominated for best couple, as well as Dark Lies being nominated in Best Romance and Best Category Romance!

I have it on reliable authority that if you don't get enough votes you get a little slash through your name as the field is narrowed.

So if you liked what I did last year and want to vote for me, pop over here and cast your vote using the button on the bottom of the screen. And save me from being slashed.

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