Friday, January 18, 2008

Book Blog #4 and RNA Shortlists

Natalie and I debuted the same month and FINALLY her book is here in NA! I grabbed it last week and finished it last night - it was my treat for finishing my ms!

This is one hot book. Natalie set up very real conflicts and motivations but the chemistry was wa wa wow! A couple of scenes especially stick in my mind - like the stairwell scene. Phew!

Though I kept waiting for the sex in the office. :-(

I kept thinking how amazing it was that Natalie did the revisions on this one after having just delivered twins and in hospital. I'm not sure I would have felt very sexy at that point! And did I mention this book is HOT?

Will I buy Nat's next? You bet! Even my husband approves...his words were, "God Bless Her!"

The RNA Shortlist for the Romance Prize was announced yesterday. I'm thrilled to say the nominees are:
Fiona Harper- with 2! Her Parenthood Assignment and English Lord, Ordinary Lady (Romance)
Lucy Gordon - The Mediterranean Rebel's Bride (Romance)
Liz Fielding - The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella (Romance)
Julie Cohen - Driving Him Wild (Modern Heat)
Kate Hardy - Breakfast at Giovanni's (Modern Heat)

All Mills and Boon books and FOUR from the Romance line! Love it! Congratulations girls!

I am celebrating as I've sent The Cowboy's Princess to my editor. Today is odd-jobs day where I get to do all the little things that have been piling up or are upcoming so I can start a new project very soon. Look for a brand new word count meter by February 1st!

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