Monday, December 31, 2007


Ah, it's that time again. There seems to be two camps of thought on New Year's Resolutions. Personally, I like them. It's about setting personal goals and I'm all for that.

2 years ago it was to be published, which happened. Last year was to deliver 4mss which I did NOT - though I came close (the 4th is the WIP). And also to learn more about PR - which I also did. We won't talk about the typical weight loss one that somehow went the way of the dodo about March.

Though maybe we should - because this year my goals are personal ones. I know I'm going to deliver a couple of books to my editor, and work on a separate project. But if I learned anything especially in the last six months, it's that it's no fun if I'm barely keeping my head above water.

So this year it's all about personal well-being.

1. Take my vitamins. They do help. And eat right.

2. Regular excuses. I'll feel better in all ways. Of course with the wrist thing now, it's more likely to be walking and yoga and such, at least for a while.

3. Read more.

4. Get outside! Fresh air and sunshine also SOOOO good for me...

5. Say yes, less. I really did over-commit to things last year. I need to keep it simpler.

So my resolutions are the no-brainer things I already knew but ignored. I will feel better and have more energy. Which will make not only me, but my family happier.

Life is way too short - we need to enjoy it, not just live it.

Happy New Year and blessings for 2008!

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  1. Happy New Year Donna

    I resolve to keep up with friends - and hopefully meet again sometime in 2008