Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A quick P.S

I realized I hadn't answered Janet's comment she left about ideas.

In the comments she said, "I have plenty of ideas but not many of them are good ones."

And my answer to that is, don't worry hon! They don't have to be good ones. They just need to have a seed that you can grow into a bigger better idea.

I had the basic premise for my current wip, and I'm discovering more things all the time. I knew the housekeeper was a necessary character, but WHY? I knew Brody felt responsible for her and the ranch but WHY? But I just kept writing away, having faith that it would come to me. It took a couple of chapters, but it did. And yet...something new hit me again today as I finished going through chapter four that I didn't see that ties a few things together.

You don't need to see it all at once and you don't need to get it 100% right. I honestly think that's what holds some writers back sometimes - the whole fear of getting it wrong. And I think sometimes you have to get it wrong first to know what right is. You can make ANY idea work, I think...(well, there are SOME things that won't fly, but not many) as long as you get to the root of the characters motivations for doing what they're doing. And it might take some tweaking and adjusting. But if you think of your idea as a kernel that you're going to build a world around, I think it helps. And brainstorm! A plot hole that you think is terminal can somehow magically be turned around in a good brainstorming session.

Thanks Janet for commenting - I love it when you ask questions!

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  1. You just totally hit the nail on the head! I think that's 95% of why I never finish anything I start writing. I'm overly critical of what I do manage to write and I'm always fairly certain that the rest is going to be utter crap and I'll screw it up. The other 5% is laziness. LOL