Thursday, December 06, 2007

Guardian Article

Another hubbub has erupted in the press over Mills and Boon in the form of an article in the Guardian. I think I was more annoyed yesterday when I saw it than today, to be honest, because the more I think on it the more I realize that Julie Bindel, the "journalist" (and yes, I put that in quotes for a reason)is so very difficult to take seriously. Who are you going to trust as your reliable source? An author for the company, writing RIGHT NOW and so about as familiar with the subject matter as you can get, or a woman who read a handful of books FIFTEEN YEARS ago and quoted authors from as long as FORTY years ago?

Ms. Bindel, do your research. If you'd put any effort into it at all (beyond reading the BACK BLURBS ONLY of a few books) you'd realize that there are a variety of lines within Mills and Boon, a variety of styles and tones and not a single one of them promotes rape or violence against women (or anyone for that matter).

As an author of Romance (and the capital R is intentional too) I am in the position of having to defend our genre quite often. Would I want my daughters reading my books?

Well at their age now, no! But in a few years? Absolutely. When asked I reply that I write stories about 2 people overcoming obstacles to form a lasting, loving commitment to each other. There is absolutely nothing trashy or detestable about that. I think it's a lot of what's missing in society, to be honest.

I was going to post the entire article but Natasha Oakley has already done that as well as posted a great blog. So have Michelle Styles and Kate Walker and Trish Wylie (who appeared on Radio last night as well, except I can't get it to play for me now).

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  1. Trish did beautifully. The part I particularly enjoyed was when her feminist opposition said that she liked 'romance, stories like Jane Eyre'. What a gift!

    Now I like 'Jane Eyre' myself. But hands up all women who fantasise about sharing their life with a would-be bigamist.

    Very funny!