Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Great Thing Known as Book Orders

Do you guys remember getting those Scholastic book order sheets when you were a kid in school? I loved it. And I still do. And not just for my kids.

Don't get me wrong, I order lots for the girls and their prices can't be beat. I got the first 6 Harry Potter books for fifty bucks. I can get Magic Tree House books for $1.99 sometimes. And a lot of their non-fiction is wonderful.

But let's face it - if I'm researching I don't want a high school or university text book. And so this is where I come in. I stamp and staple the orders for my kid's teachers - they send them home and I send them back. So I get to look through and see what's on the teacher pages too. And they are nice enough to order stuff for me and I pay them back, isn't that great?

Doing that I've gotten story starters for Author Club (on the way), an Introduction to Art text, an Introduction to Archaeology text - can I just say right now that I LOVE Usborne books? And yesterday my youngest got her order which included (not from the teacher pages but from hers) - TEN POETRY BOOKS.

I have several of the Norton Anthologies but I hate sitting down to try to read through them. SO MUCH stuffed in one huge volume. This set is called "Poetry for Young People" and includes Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare, Coleridge, Frost, Whitman, Poe - and themed ones like American poetry and Seasons. When they got home from school we had a great time, sitting around and reading some of it aloud. They especially laughed at my interpretation of the witches in MacBeth. And I got very nostalgic over the Frost - I love Frost.

Anyway I'm going to miss the book orders when my girls no longer have them and I have to shop for books like regular people. :-)

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