Friday, December 21, 2007

The Best Laid Plans....

How often do we make plans only for them to go awry?

For someone like me, who is scheduled and organized (that sounds SO much better than anal) having a monkey wrench thrown in to the works creates major stress and havoc.

*as an aside - my 7 yr old daughter just informed her older sister when Halley's comet is scheduled to appear and how it was named. Sometimes I am truly amazed at my kids.... *

ANYHOO, one of the things to go sideways is the big present we ordered for our kids. We ordered it November 25...planning enough, wouldn't you say? My husband has spent several minutes (like 40 each time) on hold trying to figure out what's going on with it, and finally last night we got an e-mail saying it had shipped and that we would have it for Christmas.

I'm not holding my breath, so we DO have a backup plan.

Today is the last day of school before holidays, which means early dismissal, undoubtedly treats, caroling, and teacher presents. I for one am helping deliver teacher presents and then coming home for a few last blessed hours of kid-free work - this book will be handed in while they are still on break.

And a little bit of comfort - from the moment I started this book I said that the key to it was going to be layers. For once I was bang on. It's all in the layers, making everything tie together. Hopefully it'll be tied up with a bow and sent to my editor soon after New Year's!

*** update: Said parcel was left at my door during the one hour I was gone today. Hurray! Love it when a plan comes together! ***

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  1. The layers will work

    Hooray that your parcel arrived.

    Merry Christmas btw.