Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wednesday Update and a laugh

Why don't we start with the laugh?

I sat in the doctor's office with my youngest again yesterday, and the wait at least wasn't as long as a few weeks ago. This time we went to our family doctor and even as a walk-in without an appointment we waited half as long. Which was lovely. More lovely was our doctor. I love him and will cry buckets when he finally decides to retire. We have had him since moving to Calgary over 10 years ago.

Anyway he's looking at dear daughter and I mention a vacation I'm planning for next year. He says, "So how IS the writing business anyway?" I laugh, say I've had a crazy fall, I'm a little tired, but pretty darn happy."

So he steps a little closer. "Do this," he says, and makes a face.

So I do it.

A little smile creeps up his face and he says "Hmmm."

I say, "I know, I'm getting wrinkles."

And he word of a lie...."Yes, you should look into botox." Of course said with a wee smile and a twinkle in his eye. He's so cute I wasn't offended at all - instead we had a bit of a laugh.

Ok, so I'm NOT getting botox, but I can tell you why I'm looking not 100%. One, I'm tired. Two, I've put some weight back on and when I had it off I was eating very well and my skin reflected the proper nutrition it was getting. Three, I haven't been looking after my skin as well as I should and I was also in a ponytail and sans makeup.

I have an appointment for myself in December. Boy am I gonna show him. LOL!

Today I'm at the school instead of my regular Thursday because the Calgary Opera is putting on a performance and I don't want to miss it. I'll do up the laminating at the same time.

And in the cyber world, I'm at Tote Bags 'N' Blogs today talking a little about priorities.

Carry on, and catch you on the flip side tomorrow.


  1. Ha! You took the Botox comment pretty well. I think I would have headed straight for the Lancome counter in the mall. LOL!

  2. LMAO - Guess what I did next?

    Bought new face cream while waiting for my daughter's prescription to be filled.

    I'm SO predictable. LOL