Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nine Ladies Dancing....and more stuff

Soon I'll be making another shopping trip for the rest of the items...and it WILL be very soon seeing as we're in the homestretch!

The winner will be announced in my holiday newsletter on Monday, though I'll be in touch with them by e-mail before that.

There will also be some fun stuff in the newsletter, so yet another reason to sign up!

Now I'm getting caught up - there's a brand new post on the Harlequin Romance Author Blog spotlighting Rebecca Winters...as well as a Christmas Anthology out right now. I LOVE this time of year. There are so many special reads out there.

And I've nearly finished my edits for my editor so I am going to zoom off and get those tidied up and sent, and then get to work on the WIP. No rest for the wicked!

But before I go I do have to share something. At the signing we were talking to some people about what we write - all four of us write different types of Romance...Brenda's books were a sampling of her romantic suspense, Vivi's were her paranormal Nocturne's, Pam writes romances for Kimani, and I write traditional romance. Of course I was the only one there that is deemed non-explicit.

So when the question came up, I said that it didn't mean there wasn't potential for lots of sexual tension. It just meant that when it comes to the actual consummation, the bedroom door is shut.

Then I grabbed Marriage at Circle M, went to the end of a chapter, and BRENDA NOVAK READ ALOUD FROM MY BOOK.

This was a thrill for me. A really big thrill.

And I got to thinking...damn, Mike IS hot! Wooooo!

I didn't get a picture of her reading mine, but we did get a pic of her reading from Pam Yaye's latest.

And now I'm off to get to work. :-)


  1. I'd still be on cloud nine. LOL I "heart" Brenda Novak. hehehehe

    Can't wait to see who the lucky contest winner is. :)

  2. Brenda is lovely, and energetic, and...lovely. I came away feeling very lucky to be doing what I'm doing and also felt like I'm not so alone, because sometimes writing can be so solitary.

  3. Love it! Isn't it great when we get to be Real Writers, hanging out with other Real Writers? It feels like the dream is coming true. And it is so thrilling to meet people you admire. I love that Brenda Novak read aloud from your book!!

    Too bad being a Real Writer isn't always so glamorous...well, for you I'm sure it is. Me, I'm in my pyjamas feeding bits of toast to the baby.