Monday, November 12, 2007

Maids a-milking! News!

My apologies for not having a graphic for my maids a milking. I'm working remotely so without access to my bookmark where I'm getting those cute little pix. HOWEVER the point is, we're at EIGHT people! Which means the TWELVE DAYS are running down fast and you only have 4 more to sign up!

I have more shopping to do! Get on it already! :-) Remember you just need to sign up for my newsletter in the boxes on the right to be entered!

So...the weekend. It's a long weekend here so I'm trying desperately to get caught up as well as the fact that my author alterations for Dark and Dangerous are glaring at me from the top of my bookcase. But...I did promise pics from the booksigning and thanks to CaRWA member Suzanne who sent this one.

It was a great afternoon - wonderful to hang out with Vivi, catch up with Pam and meet Brenda Novak for the first time. Brenda sat beside me and we kept sneaking chocolate out of the basket. We had lots of laughs and sold lots of books which made ME happy. After the signing was over I had a chat at Starbucks with Paula Eykelhof, and I'm sure I babbled sufficiently though I suppose she's very used to that. Paula's reputation as being a lovely, wonderful editor precedes her and I was as nervous as anyone else would be!

After our chat, several CaRWA members joined Brenda and Paula for dinner at the Danish Canadian Club. Mmmm. Wonderful food and better company....loads of chatter and laughing going on.

Saturday was a busy workshop jam-packed full of information and I found myself nodding a lot with things Brenda and Paula said. It was a reminder of a)how busy we writers get to be as our job is not only writing books but being businesswomen, and b) how much I absolutely love what I'm doing. We had a quick break for lunch and met for a drink at the end of the day, though I left early. My husband had done his share of house and kid duty for the weekend and I was dog-tired.

It was wonderful, though. Absolutely wonderful.

And yesterday at Remembrance Day ceremonies, I got very excited for The Soldier's Homecoming to come out. I kept thinking of my hero, Jonas, and realizing how much respect and gratitude I have for those men and woman who do the tough jobs.

Ok now I'm and I are making christmas lollipops for the church bazaar this coming weekend!


  1. Is that Kayla Perrin in the photograph? We met in Matera and she is just such a sweetie.

    Glad you sold a load of books!

  2. It's Pam Yaye, who writes for Kimani. But I'll tell her you said she looked like Kayla Perrin and she'll be thrilled I'm sure!

  3. You lucky duck, Donna! You have all the fun. ;)

  4. Pam is gorgeous, too! But I know Kayla is Canadian, which is why I thought it might be her.