Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Day Three and a shocking development

Today's Day Three! If you haven't signed up for the contest, can I just say that in my opinion it's worth it for the ornament alone. I love these ornaments and frequently buy them for friends for Christmas. Gorgeous and handpainted and in a lovely keepsake box.

My good buddy Michelle has had a fab review today from the Publisher's Weekly blog. Go here and read what this new "convert to Romance" has to say about A CHRISTMAS WEDDING WAGER!


*******************Spoiler Alert*******************

I was so tired last night but refused to go to bed because THE UNIT was on. Last week the preview said "They go as five, but come back as four". And it showed Grey and indeed he is wounded at the very beginning and nearly dies in the middle of Beirut with the escape helo crashed and burned and the Hezbollah going door to door looking for them.

SUCH a good episode. At one point the Lebanese family is cowering and Bob tells the elder son to go help Hector with Grey. The son says "Son of a bitch." Bob murmurs, "I know." as he has his gun trained on the boy's father. Jonas takes the reporter they were sent to get out (and no coincidence he bears a resemblance to Daniel Pearl) and realizes he's been "Stockholmed" adding another complication.

So we get to the end of the episode and it looks like Grey's going to make it and I'm thinking, oh ok, they did the "four" thing as a publicity ploy. The marines are there to evac them out and it's all good and then

Yeah. And then.

Hector. Sniper bullet to the neck. Dies instantly. Just like that.

My hand flew over my mouth and I cried. I did. I LOVE Hector. Loved his character. If there were a Helo (from BSG) on THE UNIT, Hector is it. A truly heroic character that somehow flies under the radar. The fact that he saw the Colonel and Tiffy last week had me so excited and now he's gone.

Story-wise it makes sense though I would have rather have lost Grey. But as a writer it hit me as one of those things that had to happen. The team couldn't stay together forever. Things need to progress. Now they'll need a new team member. Bob won't be the newbie any more. It brings in a whole new story dimension which is needed to keep it fresh.

But Damn. I'm gonna miss Hector.

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