Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 11...and this and that

Yuppers, it's day 11. Which means you have today and tomorrow left to sign up for my newsletter and get your chance at winning the Christmas package! I was out and about yesterday and picked up the ornament for the prize and the sales lady said, "ooooh, that's my favourite one!" Sooooo pretty...I might have to go back and get one for myself.

Last night I was tired and vegged out in front of the tv watching last week's and this week's episodes of LIFE, a new series this year starring Damian Lewis. I love it. Lewis plays a detective but he's not cookie cutter cop type. His whole approach to life is rather Zen - 12 years in prison will do that to you. Yup, that's right - a detective that spent over a decade in prison for a murder he didn't commit. So now he's kind of philosophical, is methodically putting together pieces to solve his own case, and lives in luxury thanks to the settlement he received. The end of last night's episode made my mouth fall open because several more questions were posed rather than being answered.

I also started laughing at one point in the evening. This might sound corny but you know sometimes I still can't believe I'm here. I worked a long time and even though I've seen 4 books released it still blows me away that I'm writing for a living. How did this happen? I am working on book 5 for Romance. Five! And it seems like yesterday I was hoping they'd buy number ONE!

That sense of the surreal still strikes me.

I'm just very, very lucky and very blessed to get to do this, yanno?

Now I'm off to NOT be a writer today- I'm the juice and cookie lady during school vaccinations, then I'm laminating, then it's Author Club after school. And choir practice tonight.

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  1. Donna,

    LIFE is my new favorite show! You are right about Wednesday's episode leaving us with more questions than answers. How will we stand to wait 2 weeks to find out what happens next?!

    I am also enjoying Journeyman and Bionic Woman.