Monday, October 29, 2007

Manic Monday

Yeah, I've got that silly song from The Bangles in my head, but I'm bracing myself today for the week from hell.

Yesterday someone said they had volunteer opportunities for me in my free time. I laughed and said, I think, that I might have other plans for that five minutes. This fall has been just STUPID schedule wise and no one's to blame but me, I know it, I take full responsibility. At some point books need to get written and I've made the mistake of fitting that in around other things when it should be the other way around. I hope my editor's not reading this. I promise to do better, I do!

ANYWAY, today I am running a few errands, trying to finish chapter one, doing the school runs, and I have a meeting this afternoon which at least is here at my house so I don't need to travel out for it. Tomorrow is the school's major fundraiser and I snagged a day shift, which means that I'm on from 11-7:30 the kids will have to go to lunchroom and Dad is on dinner duty. Wednesday I'm working lunchroom but should be able to get some writing done. Thursday is my morning at the school, plus working lunchroom, plus Author Club after school, plus choir practice. And Friday my husband is off work and we will be needing to replenish the fridge. And he might like a little attention.


Anyway if the blog is quiet this week that will be why, and if I start to panic and go into denial expect regular postings. :-)

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  1. Lol. Take a deep breath then scream. You might start to feel better.