Monday, October 22, 2007

Back to Business

I'm back from a wonderful weekend in Saskatoon where I spoke to a group of writers about "The Business of Writing".

It was my first day-long workshop and I was considerably nervous, though I shouldn't have been as everyone was completely lovely. The workshop was held at the gorgeous "Willows" Golf Club and may I just say thanks to the coordinators for securing such a great venue as well as all the leg work they put into the day.

We talked lots about the writing and the business but out of everything what I loved the most was simply being with other writers and talking shop. Writing can be a very lonely task and being able to get together and talk and people "get it" and don't look at you like you're crazy is a blessing.

After the speaking part of the day was over, those of us staying at a hotel went back, recharged, and then went for dinner hosted by one of the members. And then after we went back to the hotel I ended up chatting with another couple of writers until I realized that it was nearly 10:30! I was already tired and feeling the beginnings of a cold, so off to bed I went.

The next morning I was croaky and tired, but had a hot shower and 7 of us went for breakfast where we talked...and talked...and talked...

So all in all it was relatively painless and thoroughly enjoyable. Now I'm back home with a brand new to-do list of things to accomplish this week! Oh and tea....lots and lots of tea to try to fix this cold....


  1. Hey Donna, thank you so much for coming out and speaking at our workshop. You were fabulous. I can't express how many things I learned from you.
    I have one question about blogs though. You advised we get/make one and I am trying but it's all in german! I don't know what they want! Help.

  2. It's me again - I found my answer. BTW thanks for your personal help Sat night as well.

  3. Glad you had a great time and writers got to hear you speak. I'm sure they gained a lot of information from your experiences.

  4. Anita - glad you figured it out!

    Diane...seriously the best part IMO was just getting to talk to people who are working towards the same goal.