Monday, September 10, 2007

Up Up and Away....

This weekend was kind of cool - we went to a town about an hour north and helped a friend work on his hangar...he's building one at the local airstrip. I didn't do any building, it was more "hang out and watch the kids play" time. But Saturday afternoon, the gentleman with the hangar across the way came over and asked if the girls and I would like to go for a flight.

So up we went in a Cherokee, my eldest, 9, in the front and the youngest in the back seats with me. We went over to Glennifer Lake and saw Dickson Dam and he even let my eldest take the stick (and after several seconds I got a little worried and hoped he'd take it back, lol). She was in clover. And we came back to the smoothest was just lovely.

You know my kids have had such a fabulous summer - did lots of fun and new things that I know will stick in their memories. This latest excursion was unexpected which I think made it even more special to them.

Now they're home and tired and getting ready for school, but with a new story to share anyway!

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  1. Oh, wow! Sounds like a wonderful day! And what a thrilling story for your children to carry with them to school.