Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Silver Lining

Over the summer, I ended up spending an afternoon stranded at a truck stop with my kids while my husband went in search of our friends whose truck had broken down.

We had a fabulous waitress and towards the end of our stay she brought my girls ice cream and me a drink on the house. She was on her way home so I thought I would go to the bank machine and leave her some cash as a thank you. Only the cash machine was out of order.

So, once we got home and settled, I sent her a thank you and a book for her going above and beyond. Today, when I got home from a rather tiring day, there was a letter waiting for me from her.

It doesn't really qualify as fan mail, but the effect was the made me feel good and somehow the exhaustion and stress of the last few weeks seemed a lot smaller. The same as it did that day at the Husky.

It was a rather silver lining...however now my to-do list still beckons so I'm off. :-)

Oh and Maureen, if you're reading actually DO get to see Connor and Alex again - In Marriage at Circle M! :-)

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