Saturday, September 15, 2007

RyanDan - Like the Sun

I've discovered a new musical obsession....a Canadian set of twins called "RyanDan" - yup, just their names paired together. The album comes out on the 24th and I'll definitely be getting it as soon as I can.

I first heard their upcoming single "The Face" on a radio station here and went bananas trying to find it. Since it's not out yet, the only thing I can find is a clip of the first minute and change. But versions of "Like The Sun" are emerging. "Like The Sun" is top of the list of my new "soundtrack" for the new book, as the heroine's song. And "The Face" is my hero's song.

Most of all, I just like listening to them. You can check out the actual video of "Like The Sun" on their webpage,

For now, here's a clip of them live.

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