Thursday, September 27, 2007

London - Part Three and THE END!

Saturday was more relaxed....we had a Mouse and Pen get-together (the Mouse and Pen is a thread on e-harlequin where UK members and anglophiles hang out). Nell Dixon traveled to be in attendance and I also got to meet Carol C who is gorgeous and glowing in pregnancy, and then there were the usual suspects - Julie Cohen with Fecklet, Biddy, Fiona Harper, Anna and myself.

We went to a turkish restaurant and had a wonderful time. No alcohol consumed, oddly enough. I think I may have still had an elevated blood alcohol level from the previous night, but the food was great and the company better.

We went back to Biddy's flat and were lazy for a bit, until we had to say goodbye to some people.

We did manage to get off our collective butts and head to Biddy's sister's for drinkies before dinner. Can I just say right now that I LOVED Pimlico. Gorgeous white row houses and tended flowers...just perfect. After wine (and I really have NO willpower when it comes to the grape) we went to dinner. Where I actually had to think as we went over favourite novels, favourite romance novels, favourite movies...

Anna and I stayed at the flat and the next morning we ate breakfast at Anna the sister's lol. From there we went to Battersea which was wonderful. I love walking and it was a gorgeous day. I took pictures and we had coffee by the pond...and on the way back stopped for a proper Sunday lunch where I had treacle tart served by a VERY good looking waiter. (Yes, Anna???LOL)

Alas I had to say goodbye to Anna on the train, and I struck out on my own for a final tourist blitz in the form of an open-top bus tour.

The real way to see London though is to know where you want to go and walk it. I got off at St. Paul's and went inside, caught the bus and got off again at the palace. Then I took my sweet time walking around St. James's Park to the HorseGuards and then, because it was getting dark, I made my way back to Biddy's in time for us to go grab one last meal together. (This pic is at St. James's Park)

I was going to go on the Thames boat tour the next morning before I had to leave, but I woke up to heaving rain and decided against. Instead I spent a morning with the best hostess EVER and whom I cannot thank enough. And I caught a cab, took the train to Heathrow and after 9 very long hours I was home to kisses and hugs and flowers.

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  1. I loved having you to stay. A model guest (even if you never got up and made me tea!). Honestly I was just feeling guilty for being such a sickly child.