Friday, September 28, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

A lot of response has come from a program that ran on BBC4 Radio yesterday called Guilty Pleasures. It is a 30 minute look at Mills and Boon.

Did I enjoy it? Most of it, yes. However there were some rather closed-minded opinions...well heck, let's just say that a few things said were incredibly insulting not only to the authors but really towards the readers.

Trish Wylie, Natasha Oakley and Kate Walker all posted responses, and mine is up at Tote Bags n' Blogs in my inaugural post as a monthly contributor.

Sometimes you think, oh, I won't bother responding because it won't change anything. But I did want to address it because it went beyond an informed look at the genre and was demeaning to women in a huge way.

Anyway I'm off to get more work done...slowly making my way through my to-do list...and I'll be back on Monday.


  1. Trish's respone had so much passion. I think her head exploded at some point though.

  2. It's pity we can't get these points across on Mary Evan's website - if she has one. I may just go and look!