Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Guest blogging....

Today you can find me talking about how life has changed since getting published at The Pink Heart Society. One thing for is definitely never dull! And while you're there, join in the Birthday Treasure hunt and get yourself in the running for a HUGE, fabulous prize at the end of the month! (And my present in the hunt is coming up very soon....)

You can also find me at e-harlequin at their blog bash. This is "30 Authors in 30 Days" talking about what keeps them writing. Especially if you're an aspiring writer, reading the posts from everyone is a great way to get motivated and feel a part of something wonderful and sometimes difficult. My post was on September 4th.

My sister sent a box for my girls last week and it arrived yesterday. It was unexpected and chock-a-block full of BOOKS! My girls are avid readers and she sent at least 40 chapter books for them! Awesome!

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