Wednesday, September 05, 2007

An ending and a beginning

Good news...the book that never seemed to want to end is DONE! I know I still have to make another pass or so before it's "editor-ready"...but I'm also certain that if I leave it until that time, when I go back it'll all be clear. Sometimes distance is a great ally. But structurally...I have everything where I want it and the tweaks that remain will be making sure I have exploited every emotional moment fully.

So that means...I get to start a new story.

I'm participating in a Novel In 90 challenge with my local RWA chapter, and it started Sept 1 so I'm already behind. Not to worry, I know I'll catch up. But someone asked me what I had coming up next and the list was such that I actually frightened myself. How did I get so busy? (I know, no one's fault but my own, but those who are anticipating asking me ANYTHING for the next 3 months will have to get used to the word 'no'). I think the NI90 challenge will be good because I can write my pages per day and focus, then work on the other stuff in the interim. And of course things may change after talking to my editor in a couple of weeks, but I'll cross that proverbial bridge when I come to it.

So for now, amidst all the other commitments, I'm starting "A Bride at Willow Bend" - my winery story. It's also the story of The Italian's Secret Proposal's hero's sister and best friend. I'm looking forward to it.

Today I am doing up the synopsis for TISP, and starting my character sheets for BAWB (haha, that reads like 'BOB'). SO things keep moving along!

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