Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vacation Week Two

After our week at Woodhaven, we drove into Salmon Arm, loaded up on produce and fresh sausage at DeMille's, (and the sausage is a story unto itself for another time) and headed to Magna Bay.

We arrived after a lovely drive along the lake, and I checked in. Sadly to discover that this is their last year of operation...the campground is going to be turned into private RV lots. So we won't be going back, but we sure did enjoy our week!

The first weekend there, my brother in law and family tented in a site across from us, and our good friends joined us as well (and stayed the whole week). The sites were horribly cramped, but at least there were trees, and it was all in all pretty quiet! I spent the first afternoon doing laundry at the facilities there, and we let the kids stay up late and made a trip to the lake in the evening.

And that's where you could find us most of the time. Every afternoon but one (when we mini golfed and had ice cream) we spent in the water. It was gorgeous. The kids had a fabulous time and so did we. And the nice thing about it was that not ONCE in the week we were all together did we have to break up an argument between the 4 kids. They play together SO well. There was lots of bike riding and reading of ghost stories in between swim times. And we even celebrated THREE birthdays - the 27th, 28th and 29th...all on one day. It was great.

The trip ended fine for us, but not so great for our friends...about 3 1/2 hours from home, their truck basically blew up. We were supposed to meet for lunch and they didn't show, so my dh found them about 20 min behind on the side of the road. We got them settled in a hotel for the night...towed their trailer there, and felt like horrible friends for leaving them. But the next morning his dad drove out and picked everyone up and now he is fixing up the truck. But it was a hassle they sure didn't need!

We were home exactly four days before leaving again. Honestly, the summer was one huge road trip!

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