Monday, August 13, 2007

Vacation week one

Now that I'm finally back to a normal schedule, I thought I'd post some thoughts and pics of my holidays this summer. You already got a peek at the quickie Vegas trip, but then we headed to BC for a few weeks.

Week one we spent at Woodhaven Campground at White Lake - close to Salmon Arm. We arrived in the rain and there was no one there to check us in, just a white board with available sites. We'd also had a TWO HOUR detour due to a chemical spill on the highway, so we were tired and simply wanted to get set up.

We grabbed the second site we came to - next to the playground and opposite the washrooms. Win win.

A few hours later the owner popped in, said we'd square up later, gave us the skinny and we simply enjoyed the peace and quiet. It was the most laid-back place I'd ever stayed, and apparently there were scads of cancellations because of the rain. As a result, by Monday there were perhaps five sites occupied. Total peace and quiet.

It was quiet, huge, wooded lots, and a lake that remained calm even during the middle of the afternoon. The rain of the first few days meant no fire ban, so we enjoyed campfires, the girls and I read...and read....and read....and once the weather improved, we swam, rowed in the inflatable dingy, and the dh took them fishing one evening. They played on the playground by the hour and we even cooked over the open fire a few times...delish!

The only bad spot was my eldest forgetting what bicycle brakes are for, and taking a header over her handlebars. She was with her dad which is a good thing because I probably would have freaked. She came out of it with some road rash and a bump on the head (thank goodness for helmets).

We also took an afternoon for me to cross pleasure with work - we did a wine tour at Granite Creek Estate Winery. Gary (the owner) was fabulous to talk to - he spent nearly an hour with us, just talking about the business. I bought a recipe book, 3 bottles of wine (the Syrah was especially fine), a set of WINE FACTS playing cards...and I'm sure something else...anyway I plan on using a winery in a future book so this was great for me!

On the Friday, it was time to pack up and head to the north side of the Shuswap Lake to another campground.

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