Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Here we are, back at my favourite topic again!

Revisions, hooray!

Yes, I'm one of those twisted individuals who actually likes being told what to fix. In particular this time I really agreed with my editor and have come up with all sorts of ways to fix problems. Another thing I love about her...she tells me what's wrong, might offer a suggestion, but then just says "go to it"....and encourages me to do it my way.

Last night she suggested I insert the daughter into a scene I hadn't previously. I know why I didn't the first time, in short romance you really need to limit the secondary characters. But by bringing the daughter back, putting her in the scene, everything came to life. I actually cried - and I hadn't cried during the entire writing of the book.

I also wasn't happy with the ending...she suggested it was contrived and that didn't offend me at all because I remember writing it and thinking I somehow had to wind things up but it didn't quite feel right. Now we have a plan for a new ending...getting to the proper HEA that I think will be so much better.

It really is about taking the story and raising it to a higher level. It's not about me, even though it's hard to separate sometimes because you feel you ought to have handed in a more perfect story. But this is her job...to take my voice and my story and make it better than I thought possible.

And I'm ALWAYS amazed and happy once I've finished revisions and handed them in.

But for now I'm off to cook dinner and have a shower, after putting in a rather hectic day which included raspberry picking and making jam. :-)

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