Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On reviews....

I'm of the firm belief that you really need to ignore bad reviews. And just as strongly, you need to celebrate the good ones.

The reviews for Marriage at Circle M are slow in coming but I DID send review copies in the middle of summer...I AM hoping to get some feedback soon. I did, however, see a reader review on the e-harlequin 10,000 book challenge blogs by cyber friend and reader Jana. This is what she said about Marriage at Circle M:

"MACM was one of those that I was unable to put down.

I'm probably weird or silly, but I love novels where the H and h bicker and fuss through more than half the book before giving in. Mike and Grace fully satisfied. Not to mention all the gutwrenching moments that fullfilled all my emotional needs.

Many kudos to Donna on a great book."

Jana really GOT Mike which made me very, very happy.

So on to more reviews....I need to offer some congrats here - to Vivi Anna who scored a 4 at RT for her Nocturne DARK LIES, and to Cara Colter who got a 4 1/2 for THEIR CHRISTMAS WISH COME TRUE. Actually, 3 of the 6 Romances for October scored 4 1/2 - so congrats also to Ally and Jackie for their great reviews!

And one more special one - to Natasha Oakley, Romance writer who has a Presents - yes that's right - a PRESENTS! out in October- for scoring a 4 1/2 and an RT TOP PICK for THE TYCOON'S PRINCESS BRIDE.

Congratulations everyone!


  1. I've been blogged! LOL

    I'm glad you were happy with my review, Donna. I really did love the book a whole lot. :-)

    Congrats to all your friends for their great reviews! I'll have to give their books a whirl sometime soon.

  2. Congrats on your review, Donna! When I finish my WIP for a writing challenge, I want to read this book!

  3. Thanks Donna!

    The Niroli series has some really wonderful authors in it - a mix of Presents and Romance authors. The one downside of being part of a continuity like that is the niggling fear your contribution to it will let the series down. To be given a 'Top Pick' has really got me smiling.