Friday, August 31, 2007

Labour Day deals....

I almost forgot!

If you go to, you get free shipping this Labour Day weekend! How great is that? And how great is it knowing that MARRIAGE AT CIRCLE M is available (because the Harlequin website releases early!) as well as the opportunity to catch HIRED BY THE COWBOY if you haven't already. This could be your chance to read them back to back (since they are linked stories) and get them without paying shipping, right to your door!

And of course if you're NOT in North America, you can go to and order MARRIAGE AT CIRCLE M - it's obscenely easy because it's featured on the home page!!!!!!!!!!!

I get wayyyyy to excited over these things.

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  1. And you should get waaay excited about these things! Congrats Donna!

    Thanks for visiting my blog - and thanks for the kind words, too. **blushes** You've been busy as well! I'm excited for you. :)