Friday, August 03, 2007

Kisses and Coincidences

Hi! I'm Fiona Harper and I'm guest-blogging for Donna today. Together with Claire Baxter, Donna and I are the newest arrivals at Harlequin Romance/M&B Romance.

As so many other people seemed to have done, I also met Donna on eHarlequin before we were both published. I remember her winning a contest there for writing the best kiss and, lo and behold, when I read Donna's first book, Hired By The Cowboy, there was the scene I remembered - and it definitely still pushed all the right buttons and tugged all the right heart strings!

It seems this week is a week for coincidences. My first book Blind-Date Marriage came out last December and I've been very excited to start getting some foreign copies. First was Spanish and in the last week both Russian and Italian copies arrived. When I looked at the Italian ones I didn't register there was anything different at first (doh!), probably because the cover seems so familar to me, but then I twigged it was the artwork from Hired By The Cowboy! How freaky is that?

And there's more, I remember Donna emailing me to say that she thought that the cover model on both our first books might be the same man. What do you think? Difficult to say with the different angles and all. I definitely think it might be the same guy on the cover of Natasha Oakley's Accepting the Boss's Proposal - another new Romance writer.

It all just goes to show the circular nature of reality and the interconnectedness of everthing, I think. (Fiona falls about laughing at her own pretentiousness). Actually, I think nothing of the sort; it just sounded good and I'm in a silly mood because my deadline for the lastest book was Wednesday and I already had revisons by Wednesday afternoon. Not guilty by reason of insanity.

Thankfully, Donna is one of the sanest and most organised people I have met. (Online at least - I will have to wait for September when she visits the England to check her out in person. She may have been fooling us all!) I shall leave you once again in her capable hands and return to my revisions...


  1. **I remember her winning a contest there for writing the best kiss**

    Hi there - is it possible to read the contest winning entry anywhere on e-Harlequin?
    I would love to see it and any critiques. I need all the help and examples with my own writing that I can get!
    Many thanks, Ray-Anne

  2. Donna!!!! I think you're the best one to answer this one! Are you out there?

  3. Hmmm, I don't know if it's archived anywhere or not! Might have to have a search when my head's above water.

    The interesting thing is that the original kiss was between my Southampton shipping dude and my heroine, so it did change in the new book, though it was the ONE and only thing I took from the first book and put in the other!