Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Heart Josh Groban

I am going to postpone what I was originally going to post about today to instead post that....

I heart Josh Groban.

Last night the dh and I went to see him in concert as my birthday present and honestly, he was even better this time (we saw him during his CLOSER tour a few years ago). The dh made the comment that he seemed more relaxed, and I think I'd agree with that. I think he's just older, more experienced, and knows how to have fun.

Can I just say that as lovely as Il Divo was, they could take a lesson in stage design and effects. The lighting was great, but even better were the screens behind him...sometimes playing video, sometimes with just pictures or whatever, but always with something visual and colourful. It was really entertaining and while I know some of the dialogue was scripted, I also think a lot of it wasn't. I'm sure some comments were off the cuff.

He had all of us laughing when he talked about coming back for a rave and then proceeded to do sound effects and start a version of Rhythm is a Dancer. Also when he said maybe he could just do karaoke for the rest of the night - and did a fab impression of Bon Jovi singing Dead or Alive. He's self-deprecating and knows how to laugh at himself and made it enjoyable for everyone.

For me, I love watching someone who is committed to their music. He's obscenely talented and takes a lot of creative risks - just look at the collaborations on his album and you'll see how diverse it is...yet somehow the risks all pay off and I think that's because he's musically intelligent and he's dedicated to what he does...he's an artist.

My only complaint - and the dh's too - was that we would have liked to have heard more of his earlier stuff....but I suppose he focused on the new album so people who paid good money for tickets didn't hear the same thing this time as last.

Maybe the best endorsement was the dh...since this type of thing is NOT his thing. He went last time and said he'd go again. He went last night and said "I'd go again if he came back, too."

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