Friday, August 31, 2007

Labour Day deals....

I almost forgot!

If you go to, you get free shipping this Labour Day weekend! How great is that? And how great is it knowing that MARRIAGE AT CIRCLE M is available (because the Harlequin website releases early!) as well as the opportunity to catch HIRED BY THE COWBOY if you haven't already. This could be your chance to read them back to back (since they are linked stories) and get them without paying shipping, right to your door!

And of course if you're NOT in North America, you can go to and order MARRIAGE AT CIRCLE M - it's obscenely easy because it's featured on the home page!!!!!!!!!!!

I get wayyyyy to excited over these things.

Woo Woo and a Review

It's a good thing I don't think much about my upcoming trip to London or meeting my editor(s) there.

This morning I dreamt I met with the senior editor of the line and we talked about everything from contracts to my editor to the fact that....I use the words "down in" a lot in my manuscripts.

What the....???????

So, this morning, I opened three mss to see if I did, indeed, use "down in" more than normal. Good news. I do, but in proper context. She went to lay down in the living room. He looked down into her eyes, which he would if he were taller. LOL. That sort of thing.

But it did indeed feel like a little bit of woo woo.

MARRIAGE AT CIRCLE M got a review yesterday....calling it "a warm and loving story." You can read Connie's review at Once Upon A Romance. are off school today, and we have optometrist appointments this afternoon, so I need to make breakfast and do the banking and get to work on the book before we have to leave.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Seeing things clearly....

So here's another thing I've noticed.

My best writing comes when I bleed on the page. Really get inside the characters and let my feelings go crazy. I cried yesterday while writing which usually is a good sign.

I also was on a roll so I worked last night. That translated into approximately 9 hours of work on the book yesterday and a grand total of...2 chapters tweaked. That's all.

Only I got to nearly midnight and realized...maybe this isn't working. This is a good angle, but have I done it right? Am I keeping the tension up? And I was so INTO the story that I couldn't be objective.

So here's this lovely write well, I need to immerse myself in the story. And to turn in a great story, I need to look at it dispassionately and decide what works, what doesn't, and make the necessary adjustments.

And switching gears can be hard. It is a reason why writers should not get too attached to their words. Because there can be a better way and you need to be open to that.

Anyway the idea is for me to take today and do my volunteer time at the school, and let the story rest. Hopefully tomorrow morning when I go back to it, I'll have a clearer vision of what needs to be done and proceed through the last 3 chapters without a lot of fuss!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On reviews....

I'm of the firm belief that you really need to ignore bad reviews. And just as strongly, you need to celebrate the good ones.

The reviews for Marriage at Circle M are slow in coming but I DID send review copies in the middle of summer...I AM hoping to get some feedback soon. I did, however, see a reader review on the e-harlequin 10,000 book challenge blogs by cyber friend and reader Jana. This is what she said about Marriage at Circle M:

"MACM was one of those that I was unable to put down.

I'm probably weird or silly, but I love novels where the H and h bicker and fuss through more than half the book before giving in. Mike and Grace fully satisfied. Not to mention all the gutwrenching moments that fullfilled all my emotional needs.

Many kudos to Donna on a great book."

Jana really GOT Mike which made me very, very happy.

So on to more reviews....I need to offer some congrats here - to Vivi Anna who scored a 4 at RT for her Nocturne DARK LIES, and to Cara Colter who got a 4 1/2 for THEIR CHRISTMAS WISH COME TRUE. Actually, 3 of the 6 Romances for October scored 4 1/2 - so congrats also to Ally and Jackie for their great reviews!

And one more special one - to Natasha Oakley, Romance writer who has a Presents - yes that's right - a PRESENTS! out in October- for scoring a 4 1/2 and an RT TOP PICK for THE TYCOON'S PRINCESS BRIDE.

Congratulations everyone!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jazmin titles

I found out yesterday that Marriage at Circle M is also being released in Spanish in February. This just tickles me, you know? And the title is lovely - Cuentame Tus Secretos - Tell Me Your Secrets. It really really works!

Which made me realize I don't think I've posted the cover and blurb for Hired By The Cowboy's translation - La Mejor Union.

So, without further ado...coming in November from Jazmin...

Ambos resolverían sus problemas con aquel matrimonio temporal…

Alexis Grayson sabía muy bien cómo cuidar de sí misma, pues llevaba haciéndolo toda la vida. Y seguiría haciéndolo por mucho que ahora estuviese embarazada y sola. Sin embargo, el guapísimo vaquero Connor Madsen parecía haberse empeñado en cuidarla y a cambio Alexis podría ayudarlo… necesitaba una esposa temporal y ella necesitaba un lugar donde vivir hasta que naciera el bebé.
Pero en cuanto Alexis empezó a conocer bien a aquel hombre valiente y honrado, se preguntó si no habría cometido el mayor error de su vida. Porque aquella esposa de conveniencia quería ahora un matrimonio de verdad.

Monday, August 27, 2007

A conflict gone right....

Today I'm working on the second draft of The Italian's Surprise Proposal (TISP).

It's been sitting a long time, both because of summer vacations and then my revisions on the Marshal book. So I've had time to let it sit, and percolate, and decide how to fix what I knew hadn't worked.

Last week I read a review of another book and there was a quote from the book in the review. While those words don't fit my heroine, the strength of them struck a chord with me. I realized my heroine had to take a risk. I know exactly what that risk has to be...and how it really does fit HER conflict and also HIS conflict...what she's going to ask of him is not easy for either of them.

But let's take it a step further. I also had something happen in my own life last week that made me realize we never truly leave our old baggage behind. I will admit the feeling took me by surprise and I didn't enjoy it, though I did understand it. And as I was laying awake the other night, I realized my heroine has a layer of conflict I had missed. And that it makes so much sense, and works so well with the hero's conflict, I don't quite understand why I didn't GET IT before. It all leads up to her taking the risk, and it also makes the black moment that much more potent.

It's like pieces of a puzzle that were missing and suddenly you find them and it all comes together.

I know without a doubt that these 2 elements will take the conflict to a whole new level, will facilitate greater emotional risk and reward, and simply make the book stronger and better.

I can't wait to get started! :-)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Revisions out of the house and visual celebrating

The revisions are leaving today. I'm taking a quick "eye" break from the final read-through to make sure everything is seamless and I didn't miss any details (I've already found a few teeny ones so this final polish is a good idea).

But, after nearly three weeks, rewriting the last 1/3 for the most part, and tweaking in and out of the other chapters, I'm happy to see it go. The worst part of revisions is wondering if you changed enough, even though you know that you shouldn't tinker with it too much. The best part for me is that I know it's one of my strengths and that I shouldn't worry so much.

Regardless, I'll be holding my breath until I hear back from my editor as to whether what I did works or not. I'm always willing to make another pass at it.

But once they are gone I get to focus on something else which is a relief, so to celebrate, I'm posting a few pictures to inspire me. I haven't posted any for a while and hey, at least I'm faithful. This guy's been my bt mainstay for at least three years. Others come and go, but he's here to stay.....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I am late in doing this but better late than never!

Congratulations to Vanessa Jaye, who has sold her first book to Samhain Publishing! Vanessa is on my subcare loop and announced the news yesterday! You go girl!

And more belated but GIGANTIC congrats to my friend Nell Dixon, who has sold "Blue Remembered Heels" to Headline's LITTLE BLACK DRESS imprint! Nell's a fab writer and I am so pleased and proud of her latest career development!

Now...back to the revisions cave for me...though I am seeing the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel....

Monday, August 20, 2007

I couldn't resist.....

Darn that Trish!

I haven't done one of these in ages but I couldn't resist it. And I knew there was a reason I liked her - she's a pinky.

I think mine got me pretty much to rights, don't you?

You Are a Ring Finger
You are romantic, expressive, and hopeful. You see the best in everything.You are very artistic, and you see the world as your canvas. You are also drawn to the written word.Inventive and unique, you are often away in your own inner world.
You get along well with: The Pinky
Stay away from: The Index Finger">What Finger Are You?

Red Wine, Chocolate, and Movies

Saturday is traditionally my wind-down night. It starts with a bubble bath, then moves on to some wine, usually splitting a bar of dark chocolate with the husband, and a movie of some sort.

I pulled Love Actually out of the dvd shelf this past weekend and cuddled up to enjoy, cuz it's one of my favourites.

Sometimes ideas come from the oddest places. I mean I wasn't thinking about work, I was totally chilled. And then, WHAM.

In Love Actually, there are several storylines that all weave together. My husband's favourite is Colin Firth's character, the writer, and the Portuguese woman who works for him. And it was this storyline that suddenly made things clear for me.

When I'm done revisions, I need to change the ending of The Italian's Surprise Proposal. I wasn't comfortable with it, and after seeing my revisions for Falling for the Marshal and chatting with my CP, I know why. It's something I do a lot and now I've identified it. So I knew I had to change it, but I hadn't a clue how I was going to execute it.

But one scene - ONE! And everything was very clear. I paused, grabbed my notebook, and jotted down an outline for a few new scenes.

It's one of the occupational hazards of being a writer, I suppose. We're supposed to leave work at the office, like everyone else, right?

But how do you turn your brain off?

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Cool Thing About Research

I'll admit it, I'm lazy. I don't particularly enjoy poring over books doing research. I'm usually too excited to get started on the book and want to be writing!

But there is one cool thing - I'm a people person. If you take me somewhere that I can experience, and meet people related to what I'm researching, that's a whole other story. My mum would call me Trilby. Trilby was someone years ago who used to run the roads. Always had to be going. My mum and I call each other Trilby because despite being homebodies, we do love to travel and learn.

I have to admit I've enjoyed doing research this year. First of all, there was the military research for The Soldier's Homecoming which is coming out in March of 08. I did some online, going to several sites on the Canadian Armed Forces, and I read a couple of books which were really great. But best of all was when an e-harlequin member turned me on to a friend of hers. We e-mailed back and forth fairly often, me asking questions, her friend and husband answering. It was so cool to "meet" them.

Then there was the research for the book I'm in revisions for - My Marshal book. My hero is a United States Marshal, so my husband e-mailed an online buddy in the States and asked if he'd answer some questions for me. He is a REALLY cool guy. And after "talking" to him, I've not only had my eyes opened as to what he does, but I've often thought how his wife must feel every time he leaves on an assignment. It became really important to me to realize that these people that do dangerous jobs have wives, children, family waiting for them.

You really do meet some cool people. This summer I was in British Columbia on holidays and did a wine tour, as I said earlier, at Granite Creek. Once I do the second draft of the Italian's Surprise Proposal, I'm starting the winery book, so I wanted to do a tour while I was away. Gary was great, and when he spoke I understood it because he spoke like a farmer (I get that, that's how I grew up). Grapes are his crop, and it was really neat listening to the ins and outs of growing them in that area. The very day I posted about that part of the trip, I e-mailed the winery to thank them for the tour and let them know I enjoyed the wine, and Gary himself e-mailed back, offering to answer more questions when I'm ready.

I think life is all about expanding horizons and learning, and rapidly that's becoming one of my favourite parts of this job. EVERYTHING is fodder for research. It makes me look on my experiences in a new light - I pay more attention, I take things in. Because I never know when something will twig and it'll end up in a story! The best parts are meeting new people willing to talk about what they do, or where they are. It gives it that personal touch that sometimes you just can't get from book reading.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Heart Josh Groban

I am going to postpone what I was originally going to post about today to instead post that....

I heart Josh Groban.

Last night the dh and I went to see him in concert as my birthday present and honestly, he was even better this time (we saw him during his CLOSER tour a few years ago). The dh made the comment that he seemed more relaxed, and I think I'd agree with that. I think he's just older, more experienced, and knows how to have fun.

Can I just say that as lovely as Il Divo was, they could take a lesson in stage design and effects. The lighting was great, but even better were the screens behind him...sometimes playing video, sometimes with just pictures or whatever, but always with something visual and colourful. It was really entertaining and while I know some of the dialogue was scripted, I also think a lot of it wasn't. I'm sure some comments were off the cuff.

He had all of us laughing when he talked about coming back for a rave and then proceeded to do sound effects and start a version of Rhythm is a Dancer. Also when he said maybe he could just do karaoke for the rest of the night - and did a fab impression of Bon Jovi singing Dead or Alive. He's self-deprecating and knows how to laugh at himself and made it enjoyable for everyone.

For me, I love watching someone who is committed to their music. He's obscenely talented and takes a lot of creative risks - just look at the collaborations on his album and you'll see how diverse it is...yet somehow the risks all pay off and I think that's because he's musically intelligent and he's dedicated to what he does...he's an artist.

My only complaint - and the dh's too - was that we would have liked to have heard more of his earlier stuff....but I suppose he focused on the new album so people who paid good money for tickets didn't hear the same thing this time as last.

Maybe the best endorsement was the dh...since this type of thing is NOT his thing. He went last time and said he'd go again. He went last night and said "I'd go again if he came back, too."

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vacation Part Three - Southern Alberta

So we're back for the first weekend of August, and we decide, hey, the dh is off for another week and so are the kids. Why not go again?

I booked us for 2 nights - a shorter trip - at The Great Canadian Barn Dance, about 40 km outside Pincher Creek.

We left late Wednesday morning and headed south. Our first stop, on a whim, was the Lancaster Air Museum in Nanton. We'd passed it before and thought it just a small site with perhaps a few planes, but seeing as I'm interested in WWII and the dh is always up to seeing anything to do with aviation, we stopped.

Admission is by donation, with a recommended donation of $10 a family. And SO worth it. They are expanding but even without the expansion, it is a wonderful facility chock-full of displays, artifacts and information! We had a wonderful time and came home with some trinkets. Including a mouse pad with a lovely picture of the Dambusters (we also have a huge Dambusters painting on our wall which I love).

Next stop - sugar fortification at the Candy Shop in Nanton.

We stopped outside Fort McLeod for a picnic lunch, then headed towards the campground - another hour's drive away.

Once we arrived and got set up, we vegged for a bit. I didn't have to make supper as my reservation included a roast beef dinner and barn dance tickets for that night. I'm not sure my husband was completely on board for it but it was too late. LOL. The dinner was delicious - roast beef, baked chicken, buns, baked beans, baked potatoes, coleslaw, and apple crisp and ice cream for dessert. Family run, the entertainment is also all in-family, and during dinner we got a taste of their talents. Loads of laughs and toe-tapping...and then came the audience participation number. (Note: I'd forgotten the camera, so I don't have pictures of the Barn Dance. Unfortunately.)

My husband got picked and ended up on stage in a huge foam cowboy hat playing the Gut Bucket (Which is really the washtub bass). I laughed so hard I was wiping tears.

After dinner we went on a wagon ride, and then came back for the dance. I never thought my husband would dance either, not to country music. But lo and behold, he learned how to two-step, we did a dance called The Butterfly (which tested my endurance, oh my word) and a Barn Dance - at the end, I had partnered with everyone in the circle. Very Cool. The girls had a brilliant time, dancing and laughing and we put them to bed far later than usual - 10:30!

But the dance was still going on, so the dh and I put out our chairs and watched the last bit of sunset and the stars over the prairie. And when the band played the last waltz, we danced beneath them. SIGH.

Of course after all the dancing and laughing, I couldn't sleep, so I got a whole 2-3 hours before getting up and getting ready for Waterton National Park.

Waterton is gorgeous and I like it better than Banff because it's less cluttered and touristy. First we did the drive through the Bison Paddock to see the herd. My daughter was excited to see Mountain Bluebirds...she's quite the birdwatcher these days. (Don't get me started on the Peregrine Falcon sighting). Then we drove to Red Rock Canyon. We were hoping to see some Bighorns but they weren't around. We did the walk around the canyon, then had a picnic lunch a bit down the road. On the drive back out, we saw a Black Bear peeking through the shrubs!

Then we went to Cameron Lake, where we did a 3k hike. It goes up the side of the lake and back. At the far side, another family was there with binoculars and saw a grizzly across the lake on the slope. At this point we were hungry (or at least we said we were) and we went to The Big Scoop in the townsite for some ice cream. Definitely less crowded than Banff - we found a parking spot on the block where the store was!

A quick trip to the Prince of Wales Hotel for pictures and postcards and then it was back to the campsite for dinner and an early night for ALL of us. :-)

The next morning we were up and packed and went to "The Barn" for the pancake breakfast that was also included in our trip. YUM. On the recommendation of one of the owners, we made a stop at Lundbreck Falls on our way to Frank Slide.

Over 100 years ago, a whole section of Turtle Mountain fell away, burying a portion of the mining town of Frank in 90 seconds. Over 70 people died, and you can only wonder how others survived when you see the sheer mass of rock that fell in the middle of the night. We went to the museum there which was very informative about the whole Crowsnest Pass area and the mining origins.

And then we were for was cold and damp but we'd had a marvelous time after jamming so much into three days!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vacation Week Two

After our week at Woodhaven, we drove into Salmon Arm, loaded up on produce and fresh sausage at DeMille's, (and the sausage is a story unto itself for another time) and headed to Magna Bay.

We arrived after a lovely drive along the lake, and I checked in. Sadly to discover that this is their last year of operation...the campground is going to be turned into private RV lots. So we won't be going back, but we sure did enjoy our week!

The first weekend there, my brother in law and family tented in a site across from us, and our good friends joined us as well (and stayed the whole week). The sites were horribly cramped, but at least there were trees, and it was all in all pretty quiet! I spent the first afternoon doing laundry at the facilities there, and we let the kids stay up late and made a trip to the lake in the evening.

And that's where you could find us most of the time. Every afternoon but one (when we mini golfed and had ice cream) we spent in the water. It was gorgeous. The kids had a fabulous time and so did we. And the nice thing about it was that not ONCE in the week we were all together did we have to break up an argument between the 4 kids. They play together SO well. There was lots of bike riding and reading of ghost stories in between swim times. And we even celebrated THREE birthdays - the 27th, 28th and 29th...all on one day. It was great.

The trip ended fine for us, but not so great for our friends...about 3 1/2 hours from home, their truck basically blew up. We were supposed to meet for lunch and they didn't show, so my dh found them about 20 min behind on the side of the road. We got them settled in a hotel for the night...towed their trailer there, and felt like horrible friends for leaving them. But the next morning his dad drove out and picked everyone up and now he is fixing up the truck. But it was a hassle they sure didn't need!

We were home exactly four days before leaving again. Honestly, the summer was one huge road trip!

Monday, August 13, 2007

As a quick aside....

Just before we went away on Wednesday, the mailman came with a few treats. Namely my cover flats for Marriage at Circle M and more notably my first ever translations - La Mejor Union which is Hired By The Cowboy in Spanish.

It was a fun moment and also a realization that all the spanish I learned in university has gone clean out of my brain.

As well I should point out that there's a new "Spotlight in Six" on the Harlequin Romance Authors blog today...featuring the ever lovely and entertaining Liz Fielding. You can click on the link in the sidebar or click this:

Vacation week one

Now that I'm finally back to a normal schedule, I thought I'd post some thoughts and pics of my holidays this summer. You already got a peek at the quickie Vegas trip, but then we headed to BC for a few weeks.

Week one we spent at Woodhaven Campground at White Lake - close to Salmon Arm. We arrived in the rain and there was no one there to check us in, just a white board with available sites. We'd also had a TWO HOUR detour due to a chemical spill on the highway, so we were tired and simply wanted to get set up.

We grabbed the second site we came to - next to the playground and opposite the washrooms. Win win.

A few hours later the owner popped in, said we'd square up later, gave us the skinny and we simply enjoyed the peace and quiet. It was the most laid-back place I'd ever stayed, and apparently there were scads of cancellations because of the rain. As a result, by Monday there were perhaps five sites occupied. Total peace and quiet.

It was quiet, huge, wooded lots, and a lake that remained calm even during the middle of the afternoon. The rain of the first few days meant no fire ban, so we enjoyed campfires, the girls and I read...and read....and read....and once the weather improved, we swam, rowed in the inflatable dingy, and the dh took them fishing one evening. They played on the playground by the hour and we even cooked over the open fire a few times...delish!

The only bad spot was my eldest forgetting what bicycle brakes are for, and taking a header over her handlebars. She was with her dad which is a good thing because I probably would have freaked. She came out of it with some road rash and a bump on the head (thank goodness for helmets).

We also took an afternoon for me to cross pleasure with work - we did a wine tour at Granite Creek Estate Winery. Gary (the owner) was fabulous to talk to - he spent nearly an hour with us, just talking about the business. I bought a recipe book, 3 bottles of wine (the Syrah was especially fine), a set of WINE FACTS playing cards...and I'm sure something else...anyway I plan on using a winery in a future book so this was great for me!

On the Friday, it was time to pack up and head to the north side of the Shuswap Lake to another campground.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Here we are, back at my favourite topic again!

Revisions, hooray!

Yes, I'm one of those twisted individuals who actually likes being told what to fix. In particular this time I really agreed with my editor and have come up with all sorts of ways to fix problems. Another thing I love about her...she tells me what's wrong, might offer a suggestion, but then just says "go to it"....and encourages me to do it my way.

Last night she suggested I insert the daughter into a scene I hadn't previously. I know why I didn't the first time, in short romance you really need to limit the secondary characters. But by bringing the daughter back, putting her in the scene, everything came to life. I actually cried - and I hadn't cried during the entire writing of the book.

I also wasn't happy with the ending...she suggested it was contrived and that didn't offend me at all because I remember writing it and thinking I somehow had to wind things up but it didn't quite feel right. Now we have a plan for a new ending...getting to the proper HEA that I think will be so much better.

It really is about taking the story and raising it to a higher level. It's not about me, even though it's hard to separate sometimes because you feel you ought to have handed in a more perfect story. But this is her take my voice and my story and make it better than I thought possible.

And I'm ALWAYS amazed and happy once I've finished revisions and handed them in.

But for now I'm off to cook dinner and have a shower, after putting in a rather hectic day which included raspberry picking and making jam. :-)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Revelations and Contest Winners!

I have to open with a couple of revelations about the husband that I discovered while on holiday.

First of all, he still has a breathtaking knack of creating words. On the drive out to British Columbia it was "Skadiddleybabs" that won the day.

Secondly, he knows ALL the words to Raspberry Beret, something I didn't realize in the 16 years we've been together. EVERY SINGLE WORD. With gusto.

Now, on to the contest winners....I used an online random number picker and in some stroke of fate drew 2 friends who actually work together.

First Prize: Suzanne Munn, who gets a copy of Almost a Family and a trinket from my holidays
Second Prize: Michele Payne, who gets a copy of Marriage at Circle M.

Congratulations, ladies!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm back but just barely

Thanks to all my guest bloggers and a big laugh at Fiona who called me organized. I certainly don't feel it as I waded through 691 messages this morning! But I really enjoyed reading all the posts this morning and I'm happy the blog was left in such good hands!

I had a great 2 weeks, I'm tanned and rested and I'm not even going to LOOK at the scale. And I'll post pictures shortly, but today is about just getting my feet beneath me.

I did get a set of revisions while I was gone that fortunately make sense to me and I'll start on this week.

And the other thing I came back to was that my interview is up on CoffeeTime Romance. You can see it at

Friday, August 03, 2007

Kisses and Coincidences

Hi! I'm Fiona Harper and I'm guest-blogging for Donna today. Together with Claire Baxter, Donna and I are the newest arrivals at Harlequin Romance/M&B Romance.

As so many other people seemed to have done, I also met Donna on eHarlequin before we were both published. I remember her winning a contest there for writing the best kiss and, lo and behold, when I read Donna's first book, Hired By The Cowboy, there was the scene I remembered - and it definitely still pushed all the right buttons and tugged all the right heart strings!

It seems this week is a week for coincidences. My first book Blind-Date Marriage came out last December and I've been very excited to start getting some foreign copies. First was Spanish and in the last week both Russian and Italian copies arrived. When I looked at the Italian ones I didn't register there was anything different at first (doh!), probably because the cover seems so familar to me, but then I twigged it was the artwork from Hired By The Cowboy! How freaky is that?

And there's more, I remember Donna emailing me to say that she thought that the cover model on both our first books might be the same man. What do you think? Difficult to say with the different angles and all. I definitely think it might be the same guy on the cover of Natasha Oakley's Accepting the Boss's Proposal - another new Romance writer.

It all just goes to show the circular nature of reality and the interconnectedness of everthing, I think. (Fiona falls about laughing at her own pretentiousness). Actually, I think nothing of the sort; it just sounded good and I'm in a silly mood because my deadline for the lastest book was Wednesday and I already had revisons by Wednesday afternoon. Not guilty by reason of insanity.

Thankfully, Donna is one of the sanest and most organised people I have met. (Online at least - I will have to wait for September when she visits the England to check her out in person. She may have been fooling us all!) I shall leave you once again in her capable hands and return to my revisions...