Friday, July 27, 2007

What's your weakness?

Ok so I've never 'met' Donna in real life either. I found her on eHarlequin when I signed up back at the end of 2005. Thing is, I'm a shocking lurker - so while I was getting to know Donna, she knew diddly about me. That's the weird thing about forums I guess. I checked in every day and she was there chatting away and so friendly. And I meant to post, I really did but then I'd be called to duty in 'real life' quick smart and never seemed to get around to adding much myself. Back then her alias was Canadian Cook and she always seemed to have just made a fresh batch of muffins...
Anyway, I sold a few months after her and as she was so warm on the boards I didn't feel too shy about contacting her for some advice etc and now Donna is pretty much the person to whom I vent my 'newbie writer angst' - all those things that go through your mind like, OMG its all a fluke and I'll never sell another one; how do I get better at this?; how do I cope with waiting; what if everyone I know hates my book... you know? Terribly pathetic and angsty stuff that you don't really want to share but that Donna totally understands - because she's one step of the way ahead of me...
Anyway, I'm HUGELY grateful to her. Its so good to have someone to talk to who can relate... BTW COME HOME SOON Donna!!!! Needing another vent soon! ;)
Um, so what was I supposed to be writing about? Oh yeah, her old alias got me thinking about something really important... FOOD.
Now I fully admit to being a 'type and chew' person. I write better when my jaw is in action. DREADFUL for the waistline of course! ;) Fortunately when I'm in draft mode I'm happy with chewing gum. Ordinarily, like Willie Wonka, I hate it and hate seeing people chewing gum (just looks kinda rude to me for some reason), but I hide it from the kids and chew on the sly late at night when typing. Better for the waistline I tell myself.
But when faced with revisions or when I'm attemping the final push to the summit of submission (where I'm at right now), chewing gum doesn't cut it. Then I have to have the real thing.
Actually for me, its two things:
1) Cadbury Crunch chocolate - native to New Zealand. Milk chocolate with bits of honey comb - or 'hokey pokey' as we know it - all through it (broken up bits of another NZ bar called Crunchie - I think the Oz equivalent is a thing called Violet Crumble. I'm not sure whether there is something similar in Canada). This is the 'bad' thing - but it isn't really cos I'm sure it gives me the energy I need to stay awake!
2). Cyclops Organic European Style Yoghurt with Raspberry. The richest, creamiest yoghurt topped with a luscious layer of real raspberry puree. So totally divine. And somehow I manage to consume a whole large pottle in one evening's work... and they say on the back of that pack that its FIVE servings??? Never in a million years...
Gimme those two things on the desk beside me and I'll write on and on.
When you're under pressure and wanting to NAIL THE THING (whatever your 'thing' may be) - what do you need to consume vast quantities of? (Please tell me there's something... I'm not alone in this am I??!!)
Looking forward to having you back Donna!
Love Natalie
(MX/Sexy Sensation/Presents Collections newbie)


  1. Natalie, you're definitely not alone.

    When pressured, dark chocolate helps. With nuts? Even better. I like mine 60-65% cacao, which is a little drier than most folks like but I can't get enough.

    Beyond that, it's anything that crunches, which means I have to keep nuts, baby carrots, and pickles on hand in order to stay away from potato chips, pretzels, cheese doodles, and popcorn.

  2. oooh, dark chocolate Patricia! I confess I'm a softy milky sort - you like the real thing! And yes, the chips and popcorn are very tempting - I can't have them in the house at all!

  3. Hi Natalie. Tea. And more tea, and then more tea. English breakfast, Earl Grey then after six when I realise I am high on caffeine, camomile and vanilla.
    Green and Black dark chocolate with whole almonds is next - for emergency use only.
    As for chewing gum? I never forgave a teacher for telling his class that it was made from boiled up cow feet. And yes, it is still considered very bad manners in the UK to chew gum while talking to someone or at any sort of social event. YUK.
    LOL Ray-Anne

  4. Dark chocolate.

    But while I'm writing my favorite indulgence is toast with margarine and raspberry jam, lol!