Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vegas and Newsletter Contest winner!

I'm back from Vegas, and I'm going to post some pics of our trip, but first of all, I want to announce the winner of the newsletter contest! Thanks to all of you who signed up through Bravenet (and I'm going to send out a special bulletin announcing the winner). The winner is subscriber 33, PAM KINSEY! Pam, I need your mailing address....

And your prize is a bookmark from Red Rock Canyon, NV and a Romance by an author who calls Las Vegas "home". :-)

We had a great time...were a little overwhelmed arriving tired while the casino was in full swing. And we were put in a less-than-desirable room. But the next morning things were much more rosy. We had breakfast at IHOP, went for a drive, came back and were given a much nicer room on the 6th floor. The dh had to teach Monday afternoon, so the girls and I hit the pool, and the dh joined us later when he was finished. We also did some shopping in the hotel shops, and we did the "Tournament of Kings" dinner theatre that night, eating with our fingers and enjoying ourselves immensely! Almost made me want to write a medieval romance, especially watching the King of Hungary gallop around the arena on his steed! LOL.

Tuesday we went to the Hoover Dam. It actually didn't look like I expected, but we did take the tour which was really, really great. It was hot, by the way. Triple digits the entire time - I think Monday and Tuesday it hovered somewhere around 110 and 114. Tuesday afternoon we hit the pool again, and after dinner dh had to teach again so the kids and I called it an early night.

Yesterday we checked out and then went to Red Rock Canyon, which was my favourite part. It was less busy than anywhere we'd been. The exhibits were great, I found a book about true Romances of the west, and then we did a short walk, seeing memorials to armed forces members as well as the 9/11 memorial. Then we got in our rental car (and we had a Charger, colour me thrilled) and did the 13 mile loop around the canyon, stopping in the middle for a snack in the shade. It was gorgeous.

And then we shopped. 'Nuff said.

We got back home at 2 a.m. with some tired but happy girls, and we all slept until 9 this morning until the phone woke us up. :-)


  1. Glad you and your family had a great time on your trip to Las Vegas. I haven't been there yet so it was an interesting post to me.

    Enjoyed your pictures!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics! That canyon looks amazing.

    But the heat... nonononono. I'm going to have to go and lie down just at the THOUGHT of heat like that. Give me soemwhere in the 50s and I'm a very happy bunny.