Monday, July 23, 2007

Promises and Inspirations

Donna is an inspiration to me.

Why? Because she is doing what she dreamed of doing-writing romances.

We grew up in a small community and we were in the same class from grade one to grade nine. I remember Donna promising her classmates she would one day write romances like the ones she brought to school. And now she is!

Donna does not know this, but she also reminded me of my secret promise that I made to my eleven year old self: To write a romance novel and submit it to Harlequin.

Life in the form of university degrees, career, marriage and children made me forget. But the itch is back with a vengeance!

So, where does one learn the Craft of writing romance?

I started with Donna's Construction Zone article on her website. Then went on to the websites of other romance writers I admire and looked at their writing tips.

I renewed my eharlequin membership, joined RomanceDivas and Romance Novel TV. All of these sites have awesome forums to talk to other published and aspiring authors about the craft. And just a note on that: I cannot believe how wonderful the romance community is about sharing and cheering for each other! It is truly amazing!

I bought a TON of romance writing help books, and books on writing in general. I devoured them, and pulled from them information that I was seeking.

I created a blog to document my journey and as a reference for me. Now if I find something profound, I blog it. It saves me from chasing kids, dogs, and husband for missing post it notes. They really appreciate it!

And last but not least, I read Read READ the current books from the line I want to target. I tell my husband it is research and I cannot possibly do his sock laundry until I finish the book. I also use the same excuse while trolling the net for handsome hero pics. Hmmmm. Might need a new excuse. Don't want to wear that one out!! :)

So in closing, a promise is a promise, even if it is to yourself. Therefore dream, put in the hard work required, and never give up. You can achieve your dream.

Thanks Donna! :)

Melissa Leavitt


  1. Interesting post, Melissa. Research is fun, isn't it?

    I'm sure you will get published soon. I'm targeting a line at Harlequin, too!

  2. Good luck Melissa - you have the right attitude from the start . I always tell everyone to read and read some more and then some more . . . .

    It can be tough getting the bok written when you have home and family commitments but the only way is to keep putting those words after the others until you have a finished book. And then comes the tought part - submitting.

    But you have Donna's brave example to inspire you.

    What line are you aiming for? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you


  3. Yes Diane, research is fun! So much fun that I kinda procrastinate with it. :)

    Thanks Kate! I can't wait for the day when I submit... I'm hooked on the Romance line. BTW, loved your latest book!

  4. Best wishes Melissa. I'm targeting Harlequin too.

    You're going to have a really big pile of socks waiting for you. My advice? Bury them and buy some more.

  5. Oh, Patricia! Too funny LOL :)

    But sparked a great idea...

    Hmmmm, now where did I put my shovel and my credit card?