Saturday, July 14, 2007

My husband the hero

There are times when I really don't give my dh the credit he deserves for being a great guy. Yeah, he can drive me round the bend, but when push comes to shove, he's pretty great to have around.

Case in point: On Tuesday at Hoover Dam, we decided to cross the dam into Arizona after we did the tour. We stopped at a pull-off spot for pics and I noticed a lady standing by her Ford Explorer, trying to get her spare tire cranked down (as it is stowed beneath the truck).

I mentioned she might need a hand.

Enter the dh. Bear in mind it was 114 degrees that day. He got her spare down, jacked up the truck, changed the tire, put the old one back under the truck and wished her a nice day. (Note: actually I found all the people in Nevada super friendly, and while he was changing the tire at least 2 other guys who had pulled in asked if he needed a hand).

She was very grateful and offered to pay him, which he of course refused. Wiped his hands on a wet-wipe from my handy dandy bag and off we went.

This morning it is hot here...and opening our windows let us immediately know that our neighbours hadn't quite finished the party they'd started at 6 a.m. (which is another long post that I will not subject you to). So we had to close the windows and keep the fans on. We had new windows put in this spring and we were sure our air conditioner and "frame" wouldn't fit the new window. We were right, but it was close. So my very resourceful husband made a few modifications and now I'm typing in air conditioned comfort.

He really is pretty good to have around, you know. And case in point - a buddy just called because he's having car trouble and guess where the dh is??? :-)

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