Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Celebrations and Parties

Well this is an interesting experience for me. For the past two months I’ve been organising guest bloggers to appear on my blog – pleading with them to come and join me, persuading them to offer prizes, collecting in the posts, putting them up on the blog . . . It’s been great fun – if a little crazy at times. And it’s meant that I’ve hardly had to write a blog at all through June and July. And then Donna invited me to come and be a guest blogger on her blog and suddenly I had to think of something to write about.

Oh – I should have introduced myself – I’m Kate Walker and I write for Harlequin Presents. I’ve never actually met Donna in person, though we’ve been chatting for a long time over on eHarlequin on the message boards there. I ‘knew’ her before her first book was accepted and I was able to cheer and celebrate (in cyber space at least) when H M&B bought Hired by the Cowboy. I even have a copy of the book on my monstrous TBR mountain ( Others might have a To Be Read pile – I have a mountain). I’m taking it to Wales with me next week when I get away from the desk and the computer and the phone for a while and maybe (please!) get a little time to read.

And then I hope to meet Donna herself in person in September when she comes over to London for the Mills & Boon authors’ lunch. I’ll be really looking forward to that event, not just because I’ll be meeting Donna – though that will be very special for me – but also because this M&B party will mark a very special occasion for me. It will be the day that I will be presented with my gold pin - gold for the publication of 50 titles for Harlequin which is the total that I’ve reached this year. This month my book The Sicilian’s Red-Hot Revenge is published in Presents in America and M&B Sexy in Australia (it came out in the UK in M&B Modern last month). And this book is my 50th published title for Harlequin.

And that’s what my Great Big Blog Party has all been about. It’s a way of celebrating this very special book and sharing the fun and the happiness with all my writer friends on the blog and all my readers who can come along and join in too. Donna posted a blog there - back in June when I was just beginning the whole celebration. Back then I hoped I might make 50 guests coming to blog – now I’m still collecting up new guests and the total has gone over the magical 50 mark. I may even have to continue the party into August!

Already I’ve had 43 guests and there are at least 10 more – and every one of them has offered a giveaway prize to anyone who takes the time to leave a comment in response to a question they’ve posted. So if you’ve never visited , why not drop by and say hello and see who’s guesting today. I’d love to see you and you never know, you might win one of those great prizes.

Because a party isn’t a real celebration unless you’re sharing with friends. I’ve been so lucky in this writing career that I’ve had since my very first book was published way back in 1984 and none of it would have been possible without the wonderful readers who’ve stayed with me and bought and enjoyed my books along the way. I still remember just how it felt to get my first acceptance letter (we didn’t get a call in those days – just a long white envelope with a big red rose on it through the mail). And I still feel just the same thrill when I know that a new book has been accepted or is due out in the shops – it always sends a shiver of excitement through me to see my book and my name up there with all the others published that month.

So that’s why I’m celebrating this ‘golden’ book – and why I’m looking forward to meeting Donna in September – we’ll be able to share the celebrations of her first book and my 50th. And that will help my personal celebration extra special knowing that I’ll have a new friend and great new writer sharing it with me.

Can’t wait! And I hope Donna will come back and blog all about it afterwards.


  1. Congratulations again Kate! (I congratulated you on your blog too.) I haven't posted much although I've been reading along with the Blog Party. Many of the authors are unfamiliar to me. I'll have to change that. But I applaud your accomplishments and hope I have even a small percent of the success you've achieved.

  2. Hi Patricia

    Thanks for the congratulations - and I'm glad you've ben enjoying the Blog Party - it's been a busy time! I hope you do sample some of the authors who have come along and posted - they're all wonderful in their own way. Have you entered any of the giveaway contests? Maybe you could win a 'taster' of an author you've never tried before.

    And I wish you success for yourself