Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We Need a Little Fun

I just noticed there's hardly been a picture or a fun post for a while, so I think it's time. Possibly for a little hero worship. And it might just be that I'm inspired by Mistress T's 30 BT's in 30 Days over on e-harlequin, but whatever. It's not like I seriously need an excuse.
So without further ado, some of my very favorite hero pics....how about one for every Romance I've done? (and I'll throw in an extra because he's going to be an upcoming hero.)

Connor Madsen (Jason Behr) HIRED BY THE COWBOY

Mike Gardner (Max Martini) MARRIAGE AT CIRCLE M

Jonas Kirkpatrick (Scott Foley) THE SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING

Nate Griffith (Greg Vaughn) working title FALLING FOR THE MARSHAL

Luca Fiori (Maksim from Dancing with the Stars) working title THE ITALIAN'S SURPRISE PROPOSAL

AND a future hero as yet to be named (though I know which book he's destined for): Tahmoh Penikett (Who plays Helo on BSG)
Of course...the list wouldn't be complete without my absolute favorite:

There, now I'm suitably inspired to go to work. (Happy sigh).


  1. Gaaaaah!

    Oh, that Scott Foley pic does me in every time I see it. *gggg*

    And that Bamber one isn't too shabby, either. ;)

    Thanks for the little pick-me-up, D!

  2. I posted that particular one of Scott just for you....rather than a soldierly one. :-)

  3. Love the inspiration, Donna!!

  4. Donna, I love your blog! And, of course, your picks of 'heroes' is fantastic!

    I think I have new inspiration...although, is it really complete with Sean Connery? And....Orlando as the elf?