Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Hanging out on Kate's blog yesterday was a blast, and talking cowboys is always fun. But now it's back to the drudgery.

My copy edits for The Soldier's Homecoming arrived yesterday, in the craziest of crazy weeks. I'm not sure how this keeps happening, you know. I should take about four hours and clean my house and iron and mend (because yes, I do do those things, only the stack of mending has been sitting a month without me touching it, just stares at me balefully). But I'm not, I'm going to critique three chapters for my cp and get to those edits, dammit. And if it doesn't rain today I'm watering my flower bed tonight and I am making dinner.

Yesterday an additional kink was thrown in when my daughter announced she had a birthday party right after school. She was lucky I had to get groceries, because I picked up a present and card and paper and had it ready for her at dismissal. I wouldn't normally do that, I'd say it was too short notice and suck it up. Kind, I know. She had the invitation on Friday but forgot to bring it home.

And later this week I have some things going on which eats away at the time, so spending time online should not be an option. I find myself here just because facing that huge to-do list is daunting and this way I can stay in denial just a little longer.

But...enough is enough. If I don't surface by Friday, you know what to do (Hot mounties, for you new readers).

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  1. I'm a blog addict so you're fine. Heck as far as cleaning something is lurking in my garbage can or it could be my sink but my living is sparkling. Yes, I know, I'm perverse.