Sunday, June 17, 2007

I shake my head a lot

You know, it's not often I use my blog as a personal soapbox but now and then I simply get cheesed, yanno?

There is an appalling lack of common courtesy these days. And perhaps I simply wasn't built for city living, but to my mind you cannot escape the fact that houses are only inches apart. I think there is 2 feet between my side doorstep and my next door neighbour's. Logically it goes to follow that any noise will carry.

I am not sure if any adults were home there this weekend, but I know for sure there were kids running in and out up to and after when I went to bed (which was at midnight). And the kids there would be lucky to have "teen" in their ages, I would put most at late elementary school age/early junior high.

This morning when I went out, there were boards broken off and missing from their back gate not to mention windows left wide open and it was pouring down rain.

The entire property is in a horrible state of disrepair. I don't think there is a single screen left in any of the windows, the front bay window is actually broken, the backyard is littered with crap and all in all it's simply been abused. Which is a crying shame, because before these tenants moved in, the organization that owns the property spent at least two months renovating it, making it look lovely again.

So I shake my head a lot when I see the complete lack of pride, respect and courtesy. Feel a sense of futility when I put my kids to bed for a good night's sleep and they can't sleep because of the shouting and banging. Of mowing my grass when their yard hasn't been mowed for over three years and is a dandelion farm.

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  1. We had neighbors like that once and I couldn't believe how they didn't care about their property or their kids. They eventually lost their house and had to move to a trailer court. I heard they didn't take care of it either. I hope your neighbors move soon.