Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I dream, therefore I cast!

While you are all still thinking I'm a bit nutty, here's what's happened since last night's dream.

I realized that the next book I want to write, the sequel to the WIP, is actually Hugh as Dante. Dante doesn't make an appearance in the WIP, though he does get a mention as the hero's best friend.

Dante is incorrigible, has known Gina since she was a little girl, they totally have a love-hate relationship, and he's also loyal, strong, and totally hot in boxer briefs.

He'd also do just about anything for her, but she doesn't know that. And I'm saving him, though he's already got a pretty good start in the character development in my mind stage.

But the hero's sister DOES make an appearance in the WIP, and I had an image of her in my mind though I couldn't put my finger on it. But in remembering Hugh's character EDDIE in Someone Like You (very much like Dante), I IMDB'd the movie.

And found THIS.

In my WIP, the sister is classy, with long nearly black hair and her face is dominated by huge brown eyes. She's a little spunky, a bit of a meddler and has a clear sense of style. She's used to getting her own way yet has such a well-meaning heart it's difficult for anyone to refuse her. my casting is complete for a new book, and I'm only half way through this one first!

Sometimes I wish I could just fast forward, you know? LOL

As an aside, I think I'll rent Someone Like You just so I can see Hugh and Ashley Judd do the following:
"Is that a hickey on your neck?"
"No. I bit myself shaving."
That cracks me up EVERY single time.

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  1. Donna,

    I've never seen "Someone Like You." I'll have to watch it sometime. Love the pic of Hugh Jackman. Isn't he always so delicious? I loved him in Van Helsing.