Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A good reason to eat before bed (silly post)

I have a friend who routinely hates me because I have really, really great dreams.

Dreams so good that it pays to have a snack before beddy-bye, you know? LOL Last night wasn't even anything bad for me, I had a yogurt and an apple around 9 -and went to bed at 11.

In these dreams I have guest stars. It is where some of my casting comes about for my books, to be honest. Last week it was an old "friend" - Max Martini in his role as Mack on THE UNIT. And I was in full gear and on his assault team. (Yeah, I know, weird, but man it was FUN).

Last night was a new star though. Last night I was introduced by my mother (and I know why she was in the dream, but won't go into that) to HUGH JACKMAN. In my dreams I also love how I'm me but such a much nicer physical version of me. Last night I had hair like Emmy Rossum in Phantom and I had a great body in a dress that was reminiscent of Anne Hathaway's at the ball in The Princess Diaries.

Also in my dream Hugh was the greatest kisser on the planet. I'll never test that theory out, but, like in fiction, sometimes the dream is more magical than the reality.

If my husband is reading this, this is also a good indication that it's time for your business trip to be OVER. (snicker)

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  1. I love it, especially the husband warning. LOL!

    Hugh Jackman? He's definitely dream-worthy.