Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fixing what's wrong

I got three chapters back from my CP and it took me two mornings and some cutting and adding to get them right, but they are done and they are SO much stronger IMO.

My word count only went up 1k, but that's okay considering how much I deleted. LOL.

And you know, I didn't panic. There were good things...and the things that were good were solid, backbone things. Good characters, good scenes that were in the right place. Because of that, it was really just going back and fixing the places where I'd faltered.

I'd introduced a complication at her suggestion but I did, in her words, try to smash a nut with a sledgehammer. So I pulled back on the complication, so that it has the same effect without overpowering the romance. I was also missing some opportunities for developing the relationship. This is sort of funny, actually, because i have a tendency to rush into that too fast rather than hold back too much. So I've injected some sexual tension into it in the form of internal thoughts, light touches, and a lovely pot of creme brulee.

Changing the impetus behind the subplot was the toughest, as I had to take out those references and replace them with an equally strong motivation.

All in all the reason for this post is just to hammer home a point. Sometimes where you're going isn't wrong, there just might be a better route to get there. And it's no big deal to take a detour! In the end it makes the journey that much better. :-)

Tomorrow: at a friend's request, we shall have more eye candy. Oh, the agony. :-)


  1. Oh, Donna! What on earth are you going to have them do with a creme brulee other than eat it? It's far too good to waste!


  2. LOL Jen!

    This is Romance, so no slathering, unfortuantely.

    It's far more subtle. No wasting allowed..but he feeds her, and then eats from the same spoon. Considering the characters, actually doing that is a bit of a step. :-)